Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State

Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State

These are tough times we live in.  Many times one has to move out of state in pursuit of a job opportunity, a better life or that hard to find stability factor. There’s a catch though – there are many ways to do this, but some are cheaper than others. Sometimes you have to respect a tight budget.

This is just what we will approach in this article: cheap ways to move out of state. Without further ado, let’s get to the tips.

preparing to move out of state

Take Only What You Need

Well, as you know or will find out, cargo  space means money. You should really be picky and take only what you need so you’ll save on transport and storage costs. You’ll pay for everything you take, and don’t just think about the fees but of the money spent on gas too, so you’ll have to manage your stock. The best way to do this is to plan earlier and make little action plans on a piece of paper that you will try to apply when the time comes.

Make an inventory of everything you need, making sure you keep the items you need and discard the items you don’t – having a written list will also help you to avoid forgetting about stuff.

For more about downsizing for a move, read this article:  Decide What Items You Absolutely Have To Move

Get Free Out Of State Moving Quotes

out of state moving companies

Don’t just look at the fees and prices a certain company presents you, you should always describe your case and ask for a quote.  Sometimes you will get some pleasant surprises – and you are always best off knowing beforehand what you will need to pay in order to successfully move out of state.  Making moving companies compete for your business is the best way to get the cheapest deal.  Our short form takes 20 seconds to fill out, and you can have custom prices from 6 out of state moving companies within an hour…for FREE.

Click Here To Get 6 Free Out Of State Moving Quotes Now!

Don’t be afraid to bother and talk to people, get your hands dirty and plan everything with enough time to think things over.  Make sure to do your research on each company you receive a quote from to help you decide.  The best place to check a movers reputation and reviews online is at the BBB.

Don’t Waste Money On Moving Supplies You Can Get For Free

Instead of throwing away unnecessary money on overpriced moving boxes and packing supplies, get everything you need for free.  If you plan far enough ahead for your out of state move, then you can easily gather all of the moving boxes, packing paper, and padding materials you will need to pack up your stuff free of cost.

Decide On Your Means Of Transport

What’s the best way to move out of state?

Well the answer to that question all depends on perspective.  Every method of out of state transport has its pros and cons.  It really all depends on your personal budget and how much furniture and possessions you plan on moving.  Let’s break down your out of state moving options:

moving truck rental

Rental Truck or Trailer – This is the usually the cheapest method of moving with furniture, however it is also the most exhausting and accident-prone way of moving out of state.  If you have a lot of furniture and belongings to move and you don’t have the money to hire state to state movers, then this is probably going to be your cheapest option.  My personal recommendation and favorite of the 3 is Budget due to their cheap truck rental rates, discount specials, nationwide locations, and quality.   All 3 moving truck rental companies are highly trusted though!

shipping out of state

Shipping Your Stuff - Shipping your stuff is an affordable option if you are traveling light.  I don’t know specifics on pricing for these services, so you will need to check with each company to see how much its going to cost.  If you are planning on moving heavy furniture and a lot of other stuff, then this will be more expensive and more of a headache than hiring movers.


Train or Bus – If you don’t have any furniture or large electronics to transport out of state, then this is the cheapest option.  If you can manage to stay under 150lbs total then this is hands-down the cheapest way to move out of state.  Make sure that this option is available wherever you are planning to go.

air cargo

Air Transport – Several airlines offer cargo shipping services. In addition, courier companies offer flight cargo service with DHL, Emery and UPS being the most popular. To determine the total cost and shipping options, visit each company’s website for online quotes, rules and regulations. Make sure you have calculated the dimensions of furniture and possessions as well as the total weight.

Cheap Out Of State Moving Companies

interstate moving company

As far as smooth out of state moving experiences go, this one takes the cake.  If you have furniture and a lot of belongings to move out of state and don’t want to deal with the hassle of moving yourself, this is your best option.

I recommend using the free moving quotes request form here, to compare prices side-by-side from up to 6 leading moving companies.  Our database and network finds the top 6 movers that are qualified to handle your move.  You will receive a free custom price quote from each company based on the information you provide about your move such as your origin and destination, and the estimated size of your move.  It is 100% free and you can see exactly what it will cost to hire movers to take care of everything for you!

Cashing In A Favor VS. Hiring A Moving Company?

We all know the drill, there’s a friend of ours that has that big truck and that can help you move, so you cash in a favor and / or just ask for help. Well, it turns out that sometimes it’s cheaper to hire a company and just lay back as they do all the hard work for us. In fact, some studies say that people who hire professionals to move out of state end up saving more money than people asking for favors or doing things their own way. Gas money, storage, motel rooms to sleep in between the trips and other expenses might be the justification, but either way this just makes you notice just how important it is to get quotes so you can think your decisions over. Of course if you have friends and family available to help you move, that’s always a big help!

Look For Moving Deals & Specials

You should definitely look out for quotes, but one thing you have to keep in mind is that companies do “specials” frequently. This comes in many ways, from simple discounts to added benefits.  They often come when the company is in its low season, which is late fall to late spring.  The summer months are the busiest months and “peak” times for moving companies.   If you can, avoid moving during the summer months if you want the cheapest moving rates possible.  This is one of the most important points on the list because special promotions have the ability to change the game altogether.

out of state moversMake Interstate Movers Compete For Your Business

Another thing you should have in mind about company’s prices is the “make them fight” factor – this is simply the competition effect. Contact company A and say something along the lines “I’ve worked with your company before and I like your service, however company B offered me this price, can you provide me with your best quote please?”.  This is a powerful argument and company A will surely think about it.

For more information about why making movers compete for your business is important, read this article:  Get Free Quotes From Multiple Moving Companies

A Place To “Crash”

The place to “crash” while moving is very important, since you will spend money on this one too.  Unless you know someone with a place you could use along your way or you plan on traveling to your new home in one day/night, then you will most likely be needing a place to sleep.  Plan your trip ahead of time and find the motels or hotels you want to stay at before you leave.  As a general rule of thumb, motels are cheaper in medium sized towns.  Try to find deals ahead of time online to make your stays even cheaper and book your rooms in advance.  Read reviews online to find out about the room quality and conditions so you don’t arrive to an unwanted surprise.  If you are really on a tight budget and want to keep it as cheap as possible, look for couch surfing buddies online to crash with along the way.

The Rule of Thumb – Plan For Your Move Out Of State

The best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to moving out of state cheaply is to have everything planned way before you actually make the trip. This will save you a lot of money, believe me, and it will save you from being all stressed out when moving time comes.  Thoroughly and properly planning for an out of state move will undoubtedly save you a lot of money on your move, no matter which method of transportation you end up choosing.

Plan how your stuff will be moved or transported, get the quotes, check for specials, make companies fight, get a place to crash from your friends or rent from a trusted source, get a storage unit along the way if you think you need it and have everything planned out.

moving out of state

Make lists!

Make lots of lists, keep an inventory of everything you are taking, make an inventory of everything you aren’t taking, check the paths you will use via Google Maps / Streetview and… Well, you get the idea – organization is really the key here, and you should be disciplined and organized to make sure you save all that you can.

Moving Out Of State With A Child / Children

If you are moving out of state with children, then this post is a must-read for every parent.  It covers how to break the news of an out of state move to your kids and ways to keep them entertained and excited throughout the moving process.  Surely these tips will help you see the light at the end of the tunnel and save you a few grey hairs…if not a hefty wad of cash too on your move!

That’s About  It…

I hope that this article has helped you are able to use some of this advice to your advantage. Moving out of state isn’t that hard, but it’s far from a cakewalk.   If you take the proper time to plan and prepare for your out of state move, then you should be able to make it to your new destination safe and sound within your means.  Though it may be stressful at times the stress can be minimized if you follow these guidelines.

Best of luck to you and to your moving efforts and have a nice future.


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I am a (former) professional mover and industry expert. I blog about the tips and tricks for moving your household and possessions safely and cheaply from A to B. I stay up to date on the moving industry odds and ends. Follow me and bookmark this site to make sure you don’t spend more than you have to on your next move!

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  1. sharee02-07-14

    Thank you for the article. It helped me alot. I’m moving from LA, CA to dallas. I was wondering where is a good place to find free boxes? My last move was behind grocery stores but they stopped doing that. Any adcice. I have 5 months ;)

    • David Johnson02-08-14

      Thanks for the awesome comment Sharee, I’m glad you were able to find my website before your move! As far as free moving boxes go, this is a article to read over: Tip: Get Free Boxes For Moving. It has all the information I know about how and where to get free boxes before your state to state move. Good luck on your move to Dallas, take care!

      • sharee03-12-14

        Thank you!

        • David Johnson03-15-14

          You’re welcome Sharee! Thanks for coming here for your out of state moving tips. :)

  2. Chloe Forrester03-01-14

    Hi, my mom, dad, sister, brother and I may be moving this summer from east va to central Indiana with our several animals. We will most likely have several pieces of furniture and numerous boxes along with 2 cars. What is your suggestion?

    • David Johnson03-02-14

      Hi Chloe!

      Thanks for stopping by Cheap Moving Tips before you and your family move out of state. As for your question my answer is simple: if you have the money then hire movers. First get free quotes from 6 different out of state movers to find out the price range you are dealing with. If you can afford hiring movers then proceed to choose the best state-to-state moving company for you. Make sure to do your homework and check online reviews of each company before making a choice.

      If you aren’t in the position to hire out of state movers then my recommendation is to read over all of the tips on this site. Reserve a truck rental well ahead of time and start planning, preparing, and packing for your move.

      I hope this helps you and your family out…thanks again for stopping by!

  3. Deanna D03-18-14

    What is the easiest and cheapest way to rent a car and drive it from Southern CA to Central IL with a pet?

    • David Johnson04-01-14

      Personally I am a fan of Budget rentals, so I would check with them. They offer car, truck, and moving truck rentals and have tons of locations around the country, in almost every state. Thanks for the question Deanna, good luck on your upcoming move!

  4. ashley04-01-14

    Your advice is great and I like how in depth you are. Definitely be sure to watch out with moving trucks. If the company doesn’t have the logo on the truck, take it as a red flag. Always make sure you’re hiring a reputable company.

    • David Johnson04-01-14

      Hi Ashley!

      Thanks for the great feedback and taking the time to read through my advice. You are absolutely right too with the tips you left because unfortunately the moving industry has a dark side too, and there are companies who prey on people who don’t do their research!

  5. Sharon04-15-14

    Hey David! Thanks for the post. We’re lightly and yet carefully considering a move to Allentown, PA from Mesa, AZ. If we do it, we will have a barely two year old in tow… any thoughts on getting across the country with our belongings and baby?

    • David Johnson04-17-14

      Hi Sharon!

      I live in Mesa, AZ as well and I have a 1 year old daughter but fortunately enough I haven’t had to move with her haha. As far as your question goes though, I actually plan to add a “moving with infants/toddlers” tips page but I haven’t found the time to write it up yet. Honestly the same moving tips and advice apply that I’ve already covered throughout this website, with a few minor changes to make sure you accomodate your baby correctly. I found this site here to be pretty helpful for moving while caring for an infant. By the next time you need to move, I will definitely have that post finished up. I hope this helps you though, from one parent to another…good luck! :)

  6. Shanyia04-18-14

    Hi David,
    I’m so glad I came across you site! I’m hoping I can get your advice on an upcoming move. My husband is graduating from a California medical school in May and will begin residency in Atlanta, GA this summer. We need to move our condo and we have some large furniture items like, queen bed w/ headboard, dressers/nightstands, couches, dining table, etc. in our 1 bdrm condo. We’re not getting any relocation assistance from the residency program for this move and unfortunately I’ve been laid off, so we have very little money for this move (especially since my husband is on financial aid). I received several quotes from moving companies which vary from flat rate quotes (which we prefer) and quotes based on weight and they range in price from $2500-7100! I wanted to know you option on receiving flat rate quotes vs. weight based quotes for cross country moves. Also, what should we be aware of in terms of any “hidden” costs with moving from moving companies. Additionally, what’s the cheapest way we can do this move ourselves? We also will be taking our 2 cars with us to Atlanta and have no family/friends who can help us with this move. My husband would like to do a Uhaul, but I think this move might be too taxing on us, since we have no help and will have to do everything ourselves. We looked at the Pods based moving companies, but our condo and HOA won’t allow us to have any Pods on the premises, so that’s out. Thanks so much and looking forward to your reply.

    • David Johnson04-25-14

      Hi Shanyia!
      Thank you for coming here to get your out of state moving tips! As for your question, first let me start by saying wow, you really came prepared with your information! I and I appreciate that! I can already tell you are going to make this move just fine no matter what you choose, I have faith in you! :)

      For your particular situation I would say there are a couple of scenarios that would work for you. Have you thought of hiring a packing company or day labor company to fill up a Budget truck or Uhaul? Websites like and offer local help for hire to lift, pack, and load your trucks…all you would have to do is drive. You can get a tow package on any moving truck rental as well for your vehicle if you guys are comfortable doing that.

      As for your questions on hidden moving fees, flat-rate movers vs. pay-for-weight companies I would like to quote a fellow industry professional Carolyn Durkee:

      Cutting down costs starts before the first box is packed. When you call around to reserve a moving company, be sure you’re asking the right questions. Many movers will quoteyou less and add on additional costs such as double drive time, fuel charges, worker’s comp fees, etc. Be sure to ask moving companies how they charge and if these fees are included. Also in order to get the most accurate estimate possible, ask your mover to come to your house and do and in-home estimate prior to the move.

      That’s the best advice I can give you because I don’t know first-hand how each company operates or how they do business. Ask the right questions and read online reviews around the web on websites like, AMSA, and in addition to well-known websites like Yelp, Google, etc.

      Currently Budget Truck is running an incredible April 2014 special and you can get 20% off your total bill if you book before April 31st. It’s definitely worth a look.

      I hope I’ve helped you with your decision, and I wish you and you husband the best on your move to Atlanta! Take care!

  7. drosado88@hotmail.com05-08-14

    hiii David I’m moving on next month and am desperate because everything its so expensive I have 3 kids and I planed to move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina because a very best opportunity of job there I have a 3 bedroom house ur information its very helpful but I still don’t find something for my budget…

  8. Ryan A05-20-14

    Moving is the easy part for me, how is everyone finding a rental home? I’m having no luck since I am self employed and have no work history in the state I want to move to.

  9. Katie06-10-14

    To add to the packing with junk mail tip…I always pack my fragile items in tshirts/clothes. That way you’re not moving any trash, it really is just what you need.

  10. Maria06-12-14

    Hi. This is the best article I’ve found on the topic. Thank you. My boyfriend is already in Portland OR in an apartment. He plans on buying a house in about a year. I’m still in L.A. I have a dog. The plan is for me to put the 4 large pieces furniture and books and the majority of my things in storage here in L.A. There’s a chance a neighbor might let me use her garage for a fee less than Public Storage. I’d hire some guys to help move the heavy stuff to her garage next door. Otherwise stuff will need to go into Public Storage. I’d have to hire a local moving company to Public Storage. I’d like to bring about 10 medium boxes with kitchen stuff, clothes, jewelry, sentimental items, photography. Do I ship them or tow them in what I hope would be a small trailer (4×8?) behind my 2013 Toyota Corolla? Is that safe? I’ve only had my adult dog for a month and we’re still working on desensitizing her with the car. I can’t imagine she’d ever be ok in a truck so that we could tow my car. I’m on a fixed income and welcome any tips and modifications of the plan I’ve shared with you here. Thank you in advance!

  11. Maria06-12-14

    Oops. Forgot to add, the stuff that I plan to leave here in L.A. would get moved once my boyfriend buys the house. I’m assuming I could make arrangements from Portland with a moving company (using the quotes link on your site) to pick up from my neighbor’s garage or Public Storage. What do you recommend. Thanks again.

  12. Victoria06-12-14

    I’m moving from columbus ohio to brooklyn new york. I’m taking about 10-11 medium to small boxes. Basically just clothes art supplies and office supplies. No furniture. What is the best and cheapest way to transport my things? And who would you recommend?

    Regards, Victoria

    • David Johnson08-23-14

      Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for coming here to before your out of state move. For your particular situation, I would recommend renting an actual truck from a car rental supplier such as Budget, Avis, Rent-a-Car, etc and packing up your boxes in the back and driving yourself or if you can taking a friend. That way you can ensure the safety of your boxes, it will be easy to get your stuff where you need to be, and then you can go drop it off and be threw with the vehicle. It will be a much easier drive since you wont need an actual moving truck, because driving one for the first time in a city like NYC is crazy in itself haha. I hope this helps!

  13. Faythe H.06-17-14

    I’m looking to move from Tennessee to North Carolina.
    I’m 18 and i’m not to sure what im doing. I’m not taking any furniture at all. I’ll buy that when I get there.
    But exactly how much money should I have in mind before i make this move? And im always traveling with a dog?

    • David Johnson08-23-14

      Hi Faythe,

      Thanks for stopping by, however I don’t know how much help I can be as my specialty and backround is in the actual “moving” process. I know that the cheapest option to simply get a ticket from A to B is usually greyhound but if you are planning on taking a dog then I would recommend trying to find someone who will be willing to drive you and your dog and your possessions out there for a pre-arranged fee plus gas. Do you have any friends, family, or at least someone you can depend on enough for that? I wish you the best, have a safe move!


  14. Hi I need help!!!!!! Please email me thanks08-20-14

    I want to move to Florida with my husband and toddler we are currently in ny
    We don’t have much furniture but a big bed and room size tv. But the problem is we don’t have a place to stay out there we need to view apartments and our car needs fixing but we can’t road trip but we need to drive to view the apartments to. How can I do this safe and cheap!?

    • David Johnson08-23-14

      Hi I sent you an e-mail, I hope you’re able to make that move down south..good luck!

  15. David W08-21-14

    Hi david

    I’m 25 y/o male moving from New Orleans to Seattle. I will be taking a sectional couch, a dining room table, queen size bed, a dresser, and a chest. Also about 13 boxes. I’m not exactly sure if i should rent a truck with a few friends or just hire someone. It is a pretty long distance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • David Johnson08-23-14

      HI David,

      Thanks for coming here before your long move. I assume you are looking or the most affordable way to move so its easy. Fill out a free quote form here to find prices from 6 companies competing for your business. Then go to Budget and fill out a free quote form. See how much they are going to charge you for an extended rental based on mileage from New Orleans to Seattle. You will be the one responsible for the gas and that alone is very expensive. If you have friends to help you with everything though, that will still be the cheapest option overall. I hope your move goes well, enjoy the northwest!

      – David

  16. Anonymous09-04-14

    I am a single mother needing to move in a rush due to domestic violence reason. We are currently in washington and need to move states to keep us safe. Is there ever any companies that would do pro-bono moves??? I’m sure that it could be used to their advantage that they helped a mother and child. If not I must leave everything behind which will break my heart. We only have a compact car. We must move I just cannot afford a moving company and am scared to drive a big truck… I don’t know what to do. We have done very sentimental items and I’ve already relocated once but am being advised to move to another state. I could use any help, guidance, or resources. If there is a company that would do pro bono move I’m willing to write an article they can use on their page or write a column.. Of course I would not be able to show a picture to the world or explain details or names. I am a high risk fatality domestic violence survivor with a young child and only want to keep her safe. I’m open to any ideas… I cannot lift over 5-10lbs due to spine issues and I don’t want to lose my belongings. It’s not my fault that I was abused for years and have been forced to move. I have to protect my child and it is possible we may lose all our belongings due to this matter. I can get subsidized housing I just have no way to move our belongings. Don’t know what to do. Please give me guidance if there is any thing I can do. I hate asking for help and know I sound desperate, I kinda am desperate I don’t want to lose everything….

    • David Johnson09-18-14

      Wow I am sorry to hear about your tight circumstances at the moment. I have been checking around and haven’t been able to find any actual moving companies that can offer what you are looking for. However I did find an online charity website specifically aimed at helping victims of domestic violence safely relocate without worry and with protection. I did not have time to look into it in-depth but I think you should contact them first. The website/charity is called

      There are also websites online that offer crowd funding and public fundraising for anything and everything…and there are quite a few people out there who like to help and give back. Like I said I am not promising this will work but you can give it a try and explain your situation on your startup campaign as you did here with positivity, hope, and faith that things will work out. Here is a link to a Forbes article listing the top 10 crowd funding websites online – click here.

      If none of those are going to work for you, then you can always try posting an ad or 2 on craigslist explaining your situation and reaching out for some local help whether its money, a driver for the truck, or whatever else you may need. You will be surprised how many good people there are out there who will help. Maybe go reach out to some local church congregations before posting an online ad though because you will be able to meet them face to face and get a better idea of their character and demeanor. Also ask them if there are any private charity organizations that they can recommend you to for some extra financial and planning support.

      The last option I can think of that could help would be getting a title loan, small personal loan, or reaching out to any family/friends that could possibly help you out. I’m sorry I really wish I had more to offer you in your time of need but I hope this helps and you are able to safely move your daughter and your possessions to your new destination without any issues. I will keep you in my prayers, good luck and God Bless!


  17. Michele09-05-14

    Hey David,
    I really liked your tips on moving out of state. I just had a couple of questions that you might be able to help me out with.
    My fiance and I are hoping to move to Denver, CO in the spring of next year, giving us 6-ish months to prepare.
    How much money do you think is a decent amount when it comes to moving costs/finding an apartment/living expenses. We’re thinking $6k, but i’m worried that won’t be enough.
    Also, we will be moving everything (which is barely enough to fill a small bedroom) in his ’99 ford ranger. Because the weather of colorado is constantly changing, do you think spring is a decent time to move out there via road?
    Thanks so much and thanks again for the tips!


    • David Johnson09-18-14

      HI MIchele!

      Thanks for the great feedback on the site, I am glad that these out of state moving tips have helped you out!

      For your question, that is something that I can’t accurately really speculate on. First off I am not sure where you are moving from so that will be a big wild card in the cost factor. Since you two are planning on moving to Denver, CO with your own truck though, that will save you a lot of money over renting a truck or hiring movers. You will just need to plan it out and factor how much gas you will need (add 1.5x the amount that the truck runs on normally since you will have a heavy load). If you will be making a multiple-day trip out of it, your cheapest bet is to check motel prices in different towns along your route and see what kind of deals you can find. This can actually save you quite a bit of money over just stopping at the first couple places you see and buying a room.

      Again, as I don’t know where you are coming from it is hard to say how the drive will be in the spring. If possible try to make it later in the spring to allow the winter snow and ice to melt off the roads. Other than that, just check the weather forecast for the areas you will be moving through a week ahead of the move so that you can prepare for anything major.

      However, all that being said, $6,000 sounds like a very healthy figure for the type of move and situation you are approaching. I hope this helps. Have a safe move to Colorado and make sure to check the weather before you leave! Good luck. :-)

  18. Instate moving09-15-14

    Hi David,
    Your tips are really helpful.
    Can you please kindly let me know what is the cheapest way for an instate move.
    I am moving two and half hours away.
    Is it cheaper to hire movers or rent a truck and hoer driver and unloaders?
    Thanks and God Bless,

    • David Johnson09-17-14

      Hi Stigi, thanks for the kind words, I am glad my tips were able to help you. As far as your question goes, the simple answer is: rent a truck (use this link for 20% off your Budget Truck rental & reservations).

      The long answer is that there are a lot of unforseen costs in moving, and in a lot of cases, time is money. I recommend getting your free moving quotes here first if you haven’t done that yet to see exactly how much it will cost for the cheapest out of state moving company. Then you can use that price as your basis to determine how much you will actually save by renting a truck, driver, and loading labor separately. Budget Truck will be your cheapest rental company though for sure.

      Remember that you will be responsible for paying for gas and hiring packers/driver as well, and unless your hire a licensed, insured mover to drive then your household possessions will be at the mercy of whoever you choose to go with. Make sure that everything is packed up correctly and secure because you can hit a lot of bumps, stops, etc on a 2 and a half hour drive!

      I hope this helps, good luck and God bless!

  19. Miranda11-05-14

    How about securing housing in the new state? Is it possible to do this without visiting first and if so, what resources are available in the new state to assist? We will be moving from KY to NY and I’m having trouble finding a place for us to live without breaking the bank and selling most of belongings. Thanks.

    • David Johnson12-08-14

      Hi Miranda,

      Thanks for coming here for your out of state moving advice! A few great resources for finding available homes for rent and to buy are: 1) 2. 3. Also make sure to check listings in local real estate listings. Many websites nowadays have video walk-throughs and other great features to get a good look at the home before ever stepping foot inside. I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck with your move to New York!

      Happy Holidays!

  20. Mario11-28-14

    I’m moving from Miami, Fl to WA and im on a very tight budget any advice

    • David Johnson12-08-14

      Hi Mario!

      In addition to all the out of state and cross country moving tips for saving money that I’ve mentioned in this article, another great resource for a move of your distance is here: . I hope this helps and your move across the country to Washington goes as smooth as possible! Take care.

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