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Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State

Written by David Johnson

Moving out of state on a tight budget can seem overwhelming…impossible even!  I know how it goes…believe me.  Lucky for you I happen to have a lot of experience moving people state-to-state and I continually update this post to help people just like you everyday!  You are not alone and this will not be the end of the world (unless the aliens are landing)!  This post will show you the cheapest ways to move out of state along with the information you need to make your decision.   Learn the pros and cons associated with each moving method and rest easy knowing you are making the right choice for your budget.

Cheapest Ways to Move Out of State

Downsize As Much As Possible!

Before you decide how you are going to move, you need to decide what you are going to move.  It should come as no surprise that the more stuff you need to move, the higher the cost is going to be to get it done.  Remember that almost all of your moving costs, no matter the method, will be determined based on the size and distance of your move.  Since you don’t have control over the distance, you will need to take as much control over the size as possible in order to make your move cheaper.

If you are not attached to your bulky furniture, large electronics, etc and can manage to fit your move into a few boxes, you can open up out of state moving options that will cost less than $100! (See Bus/Train section below for more information about moving with no furniture)

Get Free Out Of State Moving Quotes

Now I know you might be thinking  something like “I can’t afford to hire movers that’s why I’m here!” but just hear me out for a second.   By taking 30 seconds to fill out our quick form, you can find the cheapest rates available from interstate movers.   The system will scan our extensive network of nationwide, regional, state and local movers to match you with up to 6 of the most qualified companies for the job.

Sometimes one of these companies will be running a special or discount that simply blows the rest out of the water and leaves you with a deal that is too good to pass up.   On rare occasions users have reported finding out of state movers for as low as $500!

While deals that good don’t happen all the time, they do happen!    At the very least, by getting your free quotes, you will know the price you have to beat when choosing other ways to move.   Don’t let a golden opportunity potentially pass you by because you didn’t take 30 seconds of your time to check for deals….for free!

Choosing The Cheapest Out-Of-State Moving Options

What’s the best and cheapest way to move out of state?

Well the answer to that question all depends on perspective.  Every method of out of state transport has its pros and cons.  After you have your free moving quotes, you will have a bottom-line price to beat by other methods.  For example, if the cheapest moving quote you received was $999, then you will use that figure to compare to the moving methods listed below (along with associated costs) to figure out what will be cheaper.

Next I will break down these alternative moving options for you:

moving truck rental

Cheap Rental Truck or Trailer

This is the usually the cheapest way to move furniture out of state. That being said, it is also the most exhausting and accident-prone way of moving your valuable furniture and bulky possessions..  If you have a lot of furniture and belongings to move and you don’t have the money to hire state to state movers, then this is probably going to be your cheapest option.  My personal recommendation and favorite of the 3 is Budget due to their cheap truck rental rates, discount specials, nationwide locations, and quality.   All 3 moving truck rental companies are highly trusted though!

portable moving containerPortable Moving Containers / “You Pack, They Drive”

This is an amazing way to move nowadays.  If you are willing to do the heavy lifting, packing, and loading but don’t want to drive everything out of state yourself, then this is the cheapest way to do it!  Basically a company will drop off a portable moving container to your address and you will load it up.  They will come pick it up and drop it off at your new home on the date you specify.  If you have an extra small load you can share a container with someone else for even more savings.  I recommend U-Pack out of the companies below due to their amazing USA state coverage, cheap prices (often comparable to rental trucks), and well-established roots in the business.

shipping out of state

Affordable Box & Furniture Shipping Services

Shipping your stuff is also an affordable way to move if you are traveling light.  I don’t know specifics on pricing for these services, so you will need to check with each company to see how much its going to cost.  U-ship is a great company to find person-to-person and person-to-transport company connections. You can name a price you’d like someone to move your stuff for, and if someone or some company can do it, you can setup a move. If you are planning on moving heavy furniture and a lot of other stuff, then this will be more expensive and more of a headache than hiring movers.


Train or Bus (Cheapest Way To Move!)

If you don’t have any furniture or large electronics to transport out of state, then this is the cheapest option.  If you can manage to stay under 150lbs of total possessions then this is hands-down the cheapest way to move out-of-state.  Make sure that this service is available wherever you are planning to go.  Check also with each company below to see their current baggage weight limits as they tend to change every year.

air cargo

Air Cargo Services

Several airlines offer cargo shipping services. In addition, courier companies offer flight cargo service with DHL, Emery and UPS being the most popular. To determine the total cost and shipping options, visit each company’s website for online quotes, rules and regulations. Make sure you have calculated the dimensions of furniture and possessions as well as the total weight.  This really isn’t one of the cheap ways to move out of state for most people.   I felt that I should mention it because options are limited for people moving to Hawaii and Alaska.

How to Save Even More on State-to-State Moving Costs!

Don’t Waste Money On Moving Supplies You Can Get For Free

Instead of throwing away your hard-earned money on overpriced moving boxes and packing supplies, you can get everything you need for free.  If you plan ahead far enough for your out of state move, then you can easily gather all of the moving boxes, packing paper, and padding materials you will need to pack up your stuff free of cost.  See my post about getting free boxes for moving.

Also remember that you can re-purpose things you already have to help you pack and pad your stuff.  Don’t spend unnecessary money on moving pads when you can use comforters, clothes, blankets, etc.

Avoid Moving During Peak Season For Lower Costs & Better Deals

Great discounts and deals from moving companies usually run from late fall to late spring.

One of the many reasons for getting free moving quotes is because some moving companies run killer deals and amazing specials throughout the year.

What Is The Cheapest Time Of Year To Move?

When school is in, the cost of moving is generally cheaper than when school is out for the summer and winter breaks.

Generally, moving companies are slammed with business all summer long.  This means that you will almost always get cheaper rates during the fall, winter, and spring months.  To bring in more customers during these seasons, movers run more promotions, discounts, and specials that can lead to huge savings for you!   By comparing free quotes from multiple companies in one place, you can often catch a killer deal from one company that drastically undercuts the rest.  This can easily save you hundreds on a longer move.

Make Movers & Rental Companies Compete For Your Business

Lower prices come from more competition, so put this concept to use!

Contact company A and say something along the lines “I’ve worked with your company before and I like your service, however company B offered me this price, can you provide me with your best quote please?”.  This is a powerful argument and company A will surely think about it, and often will beat the price of company B.

This concept can also be great if the company you would like to hire is priced slightly higher than a competitor that you have a quote from.  You can contact the company you would like to hire and ask them if they can price-match, or possibly beat, the price you have been quoted from their competitor.  Most companies will do this!

free moving quotes

Cut Down On Over-night Costs During Your Move

The place to “crash” while moving is very important, since you will spend money on this one too.  Unless you know someone with a place you could use along your way or you plan on traveling to your new home in one day/night, then you will most likely be needing a place to sleep.  Plan your trip ahead of time and find the motels or hotels you want to stay at before you leave.

As a general rule of thumb, motels are cheaper in medium-sized towns.

Try to find deals ahead of time online to make your stays even cheaper and book your rooms in advance.  Read reviews online to find out about the room quality and conditions so you don’t arrive to an unwanted surprise.  If you are really on a tight budget and want to keep it as cheap as possible, look for couch surfing buddies online to crash with along the way.

Cheaper Alternatives To Staying In Motels

  • AirBNB – Find apartments, condos, and homes to stay in directly from their owners
  • – Find people offering a couch to crash on for the night all across the USA
  • Friends and family along the way who would love to catch up with you and give you a bed.

Don’t Forget To Plan Out Your Move!

The best piece of advice I can give you when it comes to cutting down on unnecessary moving costs, is to plan ahead!

Properly planning for an out of state move will undoubtedly save you a lot of money on your move, no matter which method of transportation you end up choosing.

Major Things To Plan Ahead For Include:

  • how you want to move your furniture out of state
  • if you need to pack, then make a packing schedule and stay organized
  • how to lift, move and load everything
  • how you will be getting to your new home
  • where you are going to stay until you are ready to move in
  • food during the move (eating out adds up, so think ahead)
  • utilities in your new home
  • weather forecasts during your travel, especially during long distance winter moves
  • special accommodations for kids, pets, or disabilities along the way
  • moving deals, discounts, and specials

Get A Job In Another State Before You Move

rushing-to-find-a-jobA great way to take the pressure off your moving budget is to find employment opportunities in your new city or state before you move.  

If a new job isn’t the reason for your upcoming move, then you will surely need one to pay the bills (and the movers) when you get there.  By taking the time to set up job interviews and seek out potential employers in your new area, you can remove almost ALL of the stress associated with feelings like “How on earth am I going to pay for this move!?“.

Make sure to read through all the tips on this page to help you find and secure a new job in another state before you move there.

That’s About  It…

If you take your time and follow the advice on this page, you will dramatically lower your out-of-state moving costs.  There are cheap ways to move out of state, and I hope this post helps you to see that now. If you have any questions or comments to add, please chime in below!

Remember to get your free out-of-state moving quotes here to potentially save hundreds on your move!


(Last Updated January 6, 2017)

cheap ways to move out of state

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I am a (former) professional mover and industry expert. I blog about the tips and tricks for moving your household and possessions safely and cheaply from A to B. I stay up to date on the moving industry odds and ends. Follow me and bookmark this site to make sure you don't spend more than you have to on your next move!

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  • The most thoughtful and helpful tips I’ve found so far. This post is golden and by sharing it you help a lot of people. When I moved the first time I wish I had this article as my guide. This is why I’m bookmarking it now and sharing it on my fb wall. Thanks for existing and being awesome!

  • Hi Dave – I’ve found most “moving tips” sites to be thinly disguised sales sites for specific movers, so I found your more objective approach really refreshing. What I need is some advice on how to find/choose reputable full-service movers at an economical price. I recently moved from central NJ to the Fort Lauderdale FL area to take a new job. I drove a U-Haul trailer with everything I’d need to get started, and now I need the rest of the stuff I left in NJ, which is sitting in a storage unit. I’ve done the “rent a truck and drive it yourself” approach (U-Haul and Penske), and the “you pack it and they ship it” thing (PODS, Old Dominion), but this time I’m too far away and too busy with work to get up to NJ and drive or pack. What I need is a company that will go to my storage unit (which I’ll have a friend open), pack my staff, drive it down to me in FL, and deliver it all directly into my apartment. I’ve got plenty of bins and boxes, but not much furniture, beyond a couple of shelving units, a couch, a mattress, and headboard/bed frame. I honestly don’t know how much space it all takes up (one BR apartment sized at most) or what it weighs. I’ve tried to describe the inventory to a couple of movers, and got one quote at just under $2k, and one for $5k. I’d like to pay $2k or under, and book with a trustworthy outfit. I know there are lots of movers who are used to moving people from the NY metro area down to FL for the winter “snowbird” season, so there are probably quite a few trucks making the trip. The challenge is in finding them. I gave my contact info to a couple of mover match-making services, and have been drowned in phone calls from fast-talking, want-to-be-your buddy salespeople from some sketchy seeming NY/NJ based movers, all of which miraculously have perfect 5 star ratings on Yelp. I’m overwhelmed, yet I need my stuff down here as soon as I can manage it without breaking the bank. Any thoughts? Thanks – Stu

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for amazing feedback on my website! I am glad you found value in the content I provide here. Wow, it seems like you are all-too-familiar with the various state-to-state moving options.

      As far as finding a company to pack your storage unit in New York without you there and hauling it down to Florida, I would start with my “Free Out-Of-State Moving Quotes” service to find the 6 most qualified companies to move you. From there, you will need to compare the quotes and speak directly to the companies in your price range to make sure they can actually pack your storage without you there. This is definitely something that not all companies do for liability reasons.

      If you can’t find any long distance movers that meet your requirements, then I suggest looking on U-ship for any openings. I hope you find a moving company that works!

  • Hi Dave
    My son is in the USAF, he would like to move his stuff from NY to Texas. It’s mostly stuff from his room, no furniture, clothes, a few rifles and miscellaneous stuff. It totals about 15 boxes, in your opinion what would be his best option to ship his stuff to a residence on base. I tried PODS but they don’t service the area he’s going to.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Denise,

      If you want a shipping service, my recommendation is U-Pack. They are the same as PODS but have a larger service area. If they can’t service your move, then I’d recommend posting a listing on U-Ship to locate someone who can do the job. Thanks for coming here for advice on moving your son to Texas, good luck!

  • Good site David! IF I were to rent a van, would there be a quick way of checking and comparing the mileage charges of the companies?? Or negotiating them? I’m moving from Tampa to the Charlotte, NC area.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for coming to for your out-of-state moving advice and information. Most companies like U-haul & Budget are pretty transparent about their mileage charges per vehicle if you take a look at their websites. As far as negotiating them, that is something you will have to try out for yourself as I have never heard of anyone negotiating these set charges. I have heard of negotiating the rental charges and getting extras added at no cost such as a tow package, however, I don’t know about the mileage rates. Your best bet is to try. I would suggest taking the quote from the cheapest rental agency and presenting it to the other competitors to see if there is anything they can do to beat the price. Many times, they will do some “checking” and find out that they can indeed beat their competitor’s quote. Sometimes they will find some “magic” coupon code or discount that they completely forgot about that they can enter and drop the rate by 10-20%. I encourage you to haggle and seek out the best price possible!

      Good luck on your move to Charlotte, NC!

  • I used a freight company. They dropped off the semi trailer. I boxed and loaded. Then they seal off the load with the load with plywood. They then would put other load(s) on after and drop it off at my new home. They will not put any toxic materials in the other moves and it went smoothly for me. Two days to pack, two to unpack. It is kind of the way PODs works, but I think cheaper, and a larger container. You can arrange for “storage” at your new place, I didn’t have to.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your experience with me and all of visitors to this site! Freight companies are like the large van lines response to being undercut by the new wave of “you load, we drive” movers. Since they have those huge containers, much larger than PODS/storage containers, they found that they can double or triple the households per container, and save everyone money by splitting the costs 2 or 3 ways. This only works when the companies have multiple households or loads that are all going the same direction at similiar times, however this is very common in larger cities and densely populated states. It is definitely a way you can end up saving a ton of money over the cost of having a dedicated moving truck. Most households fall quite short of filling one of those up by themselves!

      My “Free Moving Quote Comparison Tool” scans for both dedicated moving companies and van lines as well as freight services to find you the cheapest deals on hiring movers. For anyone reading your comment and wanting to know how to find these services, simply fill out the short form accurately and our system here at will take care of the rest! Thanks again for the valuable input!

  • my wife just passed away.Thinking about moving back to vegas from greenwood in.I would like to sell my home in late summer and then to a trip to Washington st.Then travel down the coast stopping and seeing friends.take about six weeks of traveling before I get to vegas.Might buy something before getting to vegas but don’t think so,Moved lots of time since I was a what do you think is the best way to store then move when when I find were i’m going to buy

    • Hi David,

      Sorry to hear about your wife. From my experience, traveling along the Pacific coast is unbelievably positive and uplifting so I hope it is the same for you! As far as storage goes, long distance moving companies offer storage options. If you are planning on moving yourself, then once you fill up your moving truck or moving container in Indiana, you will know the size needed for storage. Call ahead to various storage facilities in Las Vegas and get pricing on the size you will need and shop around for the best price. This is all assuming of course that you are planning on moving your stuff before your trip along the Pacific. If you plan to travel first and then go back to Indiana for your stuff, you will need to find a local storage company there.

      I hope this helps you on your west coast travels and long distance move to Las Vegas!

  • I’m helping my daughter and moving to items from her apartment in Signal Mountain, TN (just above Chattanooga) to Macon, GA. UHaul says $19.95 per day, but fail to put in larger print it’s .79 per mile. This trip would be about 208 miles one way. I was hoping to simply add these two items to a truck already moving someone’s items, to get a good price. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

    • Hi Denise,

      Thanks for stopping by my site with your out-of-state moving question. Yeah, that $0.79/mile part definitely changes the price from $20 haha. And that price still isn’t taking the gas into consideration. Your best bet for moving 2 large furniture items would be to list them on They offer a service where you can list your bed and clock and get matched with people or companies willing to move it. All prices are negotiable between you and the prospected movers. Good luck helping your daughter on her move to Georgia!

  • Hi David – great article, thank you! I am married with 3 kids and moving from NY to Dallas. My wife is traveling separately, so I was hoping to do a fun cross-country road trip with my kids in a moving truck. Problem is, it appears that no rental trucks allow for 4 passengers. Do you know of any that do seat 4? Are there any possible workarounds?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for coming by my site for tips for your cross-country move! Unfortunately, I am unaware of any moving trucks that have more than 3 seats. Honestly, I consider that 3rd seat to be more of a “1/2 seat” that would be pretty uncomfortable for anyone besides a small child. I think your best bet would be to drive your vehicle (assuming you have one) along with the truck. You could either put your 3 children in the car or split them 2/1 per vehicle. You can switch up seating options at each stop so you and your wife can get more personal time with each of them which could be a great bonding experience in itself. I hope this helps!

      Good luck on your long move from NY to TX!

  • Hi David I am new at this I need help and we don’t have that much money to get us and my wife and child and a pet to move from Florida to Martin Indiana We have a old tv it
    39″ in its the standard size and also we have a king size pillow bed and a futon couple of tables just folds up and a kids bed a small bed and also two night stands and the rest is boxed up stuff like clothes and dishwares that we need and my wife has two bags of stuff animals and also plastic containers that we use our clothes as our drawers then dressers do you guys have any advice to help us move I am so stressed out from this I don’t have family to help me move my stuff and the manager is out to just kick us out though our lease is paid in full but my wife has asthma and my child he been getting sick from the lady down stairs smoking we been here almost two yrs and we can’t nobody to help us out to move we got a house just a couple of things to close it for us to move out of Florida do you have in suggestions to help I and my family out so we don’t get put out on the street were also on a fixed income we get payed once a month.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by by site for advice on the cheapest way to move your family out of Florida. Based on what I’ve got from you it sounds liked your backed into a hard-place and need advice. This is going to go a little beyond that though.

      First of all, you’ve got to figure out your budget. How much money do you have right now and when do you have to be out? If you have some time and can smooth things out with your manager to buy yourself enough time to save up it will help. It sounds like you need to get your family out ASAP though because the environment is toxic. This is where your priorities come in. What is more important right now. Getting your family out and under another roof? Saving enough money so you can move all your things? Do you have a place in Indiana already lined up? If so my advice would be to take as much clothes, toiletries, necessities, etc as possible and get your family some Greyhound tickets and go. Things like TVs, mattresses, etc are easy to replace but a healthy environment is so much more important. Get there as fast as possible and then start to figure things out.

      Good luck on your move!

  • Great article! We moved from South Carolina to Iowa 2 years ago. We downsized and still spent over $6k with a large moving company. It was a horrible experience (delayed delivery/broken items…etc). In a month we are moving back to SC from IA and have decided to do it ourselves. We’ve downsized some more (very little furniture), but really don’t want to sacrifice our gunsafe, hottub and lawnmower. What options do we have to move these large /heavy items? Most rental trucks do not have a lift available for long distances!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for stopping by the site! It sounds like you’ve got a few “specialty” items to move. Those are definitely hard to move with rentals, The lawnmower(riding I’m assuming) and gun safe could be moved, however, the hot tub would be hard. Luckily there is a great service that I touched on in the article called U-Ship. They have specialty moving services where you can arrange each item or all of them to be moved and negotiate the pricing. I think this would be a great fit for your situation.

      Good luck moving back to South Carolina!

  • Hi. I’m trying to help my mother move from FL to AZ to be closer to her grandkids. She’s moving into a furnished small studio and will not be taking any furniture except for 2 lamps. She’ll be taking about 7 boxes of clothes and toiletries and a framed 3×5 feet picture that she bought with my late father for their wedding anniversary.No cars, no other furniture. What would be our best choice for moving?

    • Hi BP,

      Thanks for stopping by the site before choosing how to move your mother across the country. Since she will be moving so light, you really should look into the Amtrak option or the Greyhound option if you aren’t planning to go out and help her move. Contact both by phone and ask their exact weight limits. You can take everything down to weigh anytime, and if anything is over the limit you can always ship it. They are usually pretty good about working with you so definitely give them a call.

      If you are planning to go out there to help, or if she’s up for a drive, renting a simple pick-up truck or SUV that can fit everything inside could be a good option. This might be a little more expensive but it could make for a great cross-country road-trip, bonding experience, memories for life, etc. It’s all up to you and your budget but you’ve got some options.

      Good luck with your mother’s move from Florida to Arizona!

  • Hello David,

    My finance and I moved from the bay area to Denver about three years ago via Penske truck and it cost around $1200 with gas. We are now (May, June-ish) moving back and will be moving into a small one bedroom apartment, but this time we have 2 cars, a Subaru outback and a VW Tiguan (crossover SUV.) I was thinking that we could pack the cars to the brim, caravan down and use a portable shipping container for the rest. Unfortunately most pod type quotes are above $1200. should i look at different ways to move the car or is thems the breaks?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for stopping by before your move to Denver! Summer pricing is definitely higher for all moving services in general so that’s probably why you couldn’t find cheaper POD pricing. My recommendation for the cheapest way to move would be to rent a budget truck and add a vehicle tow package. You would drive the truck and pull one of your vehicles while your fiance drives the other. If you start looking at vehicle shipping options it will be pricey. The other option is to have some family or friends drive along with you and fly back. The vehicle tow package might sound complicated but its actually very easy and they will walk you through it all at the pickup location.

      I live in Denver and I just want you to know to be careful driving the mountains with a full load, take your time and watch for animals and ice. Good luck on your move out of the bay!

  • I’m moving from a Kentucky to a Rhode Island and only have a couple things that I must keep . Baby crib and two tvs . Is there a cheap way to move the crib, my clothes and some boxes ?

    • Hi Brittany

      Thanks for stopping by! First off, do you have a vehicle or are you moving without one? If that’s the case (sorry if I’m wrong), then the cheapest way to move would probably be Greyhound. You can probably take your crib (assuming it breaks down into a manageable size) and boxes and clothes. Check with them for official weight limits to make sure. Then you could either mail your TVs or try U-Ship.

      I hope that helps and good luck with your move to Rhode Island!

  • Really fantastic article and very insightful. I recently moved to Chicago and I really wish I had read this before hand.

  • We will be moving from utah to Oklahoma. We have a lot to move, and we may need to store our stuff for a while. I’m sure we will be hiring someone to move us. We were thinking of pods, but I think we would need 3 or 4 or more for our stuff and I think that would just be expensive. If we hirer movers, can they store our stuff? We are not sure how long it will take to find a place to live.

    • Hi Jill,

      Thanks for coming to my site before your move to Oklahoma! Wow it sounds like you’ve got a full household to move and I think choosing movers will be the best solution for you. Yes, most long distance moving companies have storage options, however there will be a higher cost. You will want to contact your prospective moving companies personally to discuss storage solutions for the move. Good luck on your move and finding a new home!

  • This is my first time moving out of state. I am moving from Augusta, GA to San Antonio, TX. I do not know anything about TX. I am on a TIGHT budget. Do you have any advice on the cheapest and most efficient way to move. I will mostly be driving my car, but not sure how to get my stuff there. It is just me, and I live in a 1 bedroom, have furniture, and I don’t really want to get rid of my furniture. Any help, information, assistance would be greatly appreciated. Thank you!!

    • Hi Leah,

      Any type of moving, especially a long move to another state you don’t even know, seems incredibly daunting at first…but its okay! Remember that millions of people successfully move out of state, across the country, and even overseas without knowing much…so you will make it! You’ve definitely come to the right place for help, so already you are ahead of the pack as far as being prepared and knowing what to expect.

      Since you want to keep your furniture (which adds A LOT of moving cost) your cheapest option will be to rent a small Budget truck (click for discount special) and add the vehicle tow attachment for your car.

      If you are not comfortable doing this (which is totally understandable!), then I’d recommend getting Free Out Of State Moving Quotes to find out the cheapest rates from full-service movers who can handle the job. This way you know at least what the cost of full-service movers will be when compared to your remaining options.

      The cheapest option remaining will most likely be U-Pack, but its best to compare the price they quote you with the cost from full-service movers because sometimes you can find rates that rival or on rare occasions, beat the rates from U-pack.

      If both of these options still don’t seem to work for what you need, then you can list your furniture items on U-Ship, which is kind of like an Uber service for moving. You can make a free listing for your furniture and the price you are willing to pay to have someone personally pick it up and transport it to your new home. It works for vehicles, pets, furniture, anything really!

      I hope this helps, and remember to look around the rest of this site for more tips to help you plan and organize your move. Good luck (you’re gonna make it)!

  • We’re moving from NE to WA. You TOTALLY forgot to mention moving with pets! We don’t have kids, we have furkids, 3 dogs. 1 is a 110lb Golden/Saint mix – I’m a social worker and she is a therapy dog. The other two are under 20lbs We CANNOT find a place to rent while looking for land and building our new home in near Bellingham, WA. Don’t know how in the world we’re going to do this.

    • Hi Cate,

      Wow it sounds like you’ve definitely got your hands full for your cross-country move to WA! You’re right about this particular post not mentioning much about pets, I apologize. However I do have this post about moving pets. Logistics for moving long distance with pets are definitely harder due to the lack of motels along the way that can accommodate 3 dogs. However, you are in luck and you definitely came to the right place for help. You have a couple different options to safely and successfully move your dogs across the country.

      1) If you want to move yourself and keep your dogs with you during the move, then you will need to make housing arrangements ahead of time in towns you plan to stop for the night. AirBnB is an awesome person-to-person rental service that allows people to put their homes, apartments, or even rooms up for rent to travelers. I’d recommend looking for homes that allow dogs and making reservations after checking first with the homeowner or management company.

      2) If you are comfortable, there are various pet shipping services and personal transport options for your pets, the most well-known being U-Ship – Pet Moving Service. You can add a request for your pets to be moved at a price you set, and people can bid for the job and personally transport your pets to your new home.

      I hope this helps! Good luck moving your pets across the country!

      PS – Here’s another great post for more help: Tips For Moving Pets Cross-Country

  • Hi David,

    I have a 74 year old aunt that is moving back to Seattle, WA from Winston Salem, NC. She only has boxes and one car to move but the number of boxes could fill up a 12 foot truck. We are looking at renting a 16 foot truck and car trailer from Budget Trucks but that is a three to four day trip. Her grandson who lives in Seattle, WA is planning on flying to North Carolina and then driving the moving truck and trailer back to Seattle. My aunt has bad hips, I want to do what is more comfortable for her but that is cost efficient. What would be your suggestion? Thanks

    • Hi Teresa,

      Thanks for coming to my site for your coast-to-coast moving tips and advice! In your case, since your Aunt only has boxes and isn’t very mobile herself, I have 2 recommendations.

      One of your most cost-effective options for moving coast-to-coast will be U-Ship. U-Ship is an online marketplace that connects people who need anything moved or shipped, from furniture, vehicles, pets, and more, with people and transportation companies with extra space that can accomodate your needs. If you have plenty of time ahead of your move, then make a listing and see if you can find someone who can move everything for you for a cheap price!

      The other option is the similarly-named company U-Pack. U-Pack offers a cool service where they drop off a portable shipping container to your home for you to pack up and load. Then they will pick up the moving container and drive it to your new home where they will drop it off for you to unload. This is a great service for people like your Aunt who can get some help packing up and loading but don’t want to do the long, cramped drive in a moving truck.

      Look into both options and decide which one fits your particular situation better. Good luck with your Aunt’s move across the country to beautiful Seattle!

  • Hi. I am planning on moving in January. I am currently in a one bedroom apartment and have everything such as a bed, large couch, tvs, tables, etc. We are on a budget for we are moving to try a different place/scenery. What is our best option? We also have two cars that we need to take, but can drive those separately. This would be in the winter, so I am not comfortable driving a large truck. Any advice? I am a teacher, so anything on a budget is a big help!


    San Jose, CA to Denver, CO

    • Hi Ilana,

      Thanks for stopping by for all of your out-of-state moving tips and advice! You are very wise for choosing not to drive an over-sized (and often over-loaded) moving truck rental through the High Sierras and the Rocky Mountains in January. Trust me…the slight savings are not worth the stress of trying to brake on icy roads going down a 7% grade!

      For your particular situation, since you do have a significant amount of large furniture to move, I recommend starting out by getting free interstate moving quotes. This will allow you to find the cheapest full-service movers for the job and give you a baseline moving cost that you will try to work down from. Once you figure out what the cheapest out-of-state moving company will cost, then you can compare it to the next option to figure out your most cost-efficient method to move.

      Next get a free quote from U-Pack. They are a “You-pack, we-drive” type of moving company. They’ll drop off an appropriately sized moving container for your to fill up. They will drive and deliver it to your new home for you to unload. It is a great service and very cost-effective alternative to renting a moving truck.

      I hope this helps you decide the best and cheapest way for you to move to Denver, CO!

  • Hi David,

    My wife & I are moving from a small 1 bed + den home, with full living room, dining room, and queen bedroom sets to a 850 square foot condo. Richmond, VA 23226 to Alexandria, VA 22314. What do you recommend?

    • Hi Harry,

      For your situation I’d recommend getting some Free Moving Quotes because there are a lot of different moving companies that service the VA/DC area (along with the whole East Coast) and you can find some amazing deals from so many competing companies. IF none of the quotes are low enough for your liking then I’d recommend looking into the Budget truck rentals. The link above will give you 20% off your entire trip so it can save you a lot over other companies such as U-haul. Either way you will want to downsize accordingly ahead of time and get rid of anything you won’t be needing in Alexandria. The more size, the higher the price, no matter how you choose to move. Good luck!

  • Hi I am have 9 to 10 luggage bags worth of stuff (clothes, shoes, books, paintings, kitchen items and no furniture) and I have to move from Massachusetts to Kansas. I am a student and I am on a very strict budget. I do not want to sell away the things I already own because I will have to buy them again. Please suggest! 🙁

    • Hi An,

      Being a student and trying to move out of state can definitely be a hectic thing. But luckily since you are traveling with only luggage, then Greyhound or Amtrak will be your cheapest bet by far. Check with them about weight limits and ask them about options to move your bags. If you can’t take all of them with you then consider shipping them or grabbing them on another Greyhound trip or even on U-Ship. But Amtrak/Greyhound will be the cheapest by far! Good luck on your move to Kansas!

  • Ok so I love in Rome N.Y.,and I’m moving back to panama city thing is I have twin baby girls,1 and half years of it comes to this,we have one car,a two bedroom I did do quote on upack,and it was 1,329.00 plus other I can’t afford biggest deal is yes we can rent a budget truck like we all ready have done so,to get to n.y.,but with twins you need two people in the car with them,thank god we had her mom with us when moved up,but we will only have the two of us going in trying to come up with ways to get our stuff down there and all four us still be all together.well it’s starting to look like it’s impossible.what do we do.

    • Hi Joey,

      You may have come to the right place for a good answer to your particular problem. Moving out of state with kids is not an easy task, so I feel your pain. An option you can look into is renting a quad-cab truck and towing a rent-able (or even cheaper a borrowed) trailer. U-haul has a small trailer option so it might be tight for your 2 bedroom home but if you stuff the trailer plus the bed of the truck it just might work. The downside is that you may need to either sell or ship your vehicle separately. I hope you find a good solution and wish you and your family the best on your move to Florida!

  • Hi , I am Sonya , I need some advice. My mom is moving from Las Vegas NV, to Indiana. She doesn’t have much as far as furniture. But she has alot of totes and boxes and of course other things what’s the best way of moving.

    • Hi Sonya,

      Thanks for choosing Cheap Moving Tips as the place to get your info before moving out of state. As I mentioned on this page, Amtrak and Greyhound have great, and extremely cheap options for moving if you aren’t planning on taking a lot of furniture. They do have some limits on size and total weight so you will want to check with them on that. If that doesn’t work, and you can stuff a car, truck, or SUV than that will be your best bet. If you require even more space then I’d recommend looking into a Budget truck rental. Good luck helping your mother move out of Las Vegas!

  • Hello,

    I am moving from OK to Washington D.C. I live in a 1BD house, and my biggest items are my couch and queen sized bed. I am on a budget, so any recommendations?


    • Hi Daniella,

      Thanks for stopping by my site to get some tips before your big move to DC! Since you only have 2 large items to move, if you can fit everything else in your vehicle and drive it, then you should check out the furniture shipping prices on U-ship. If you really want to save money on your move, then selling off your couch and bed and replacing them once you get to Washington will be your best bet because big, bulky items like furniture are not very cheap to ship. If neither of these options works for you, then check out renting a small Budget truck.

      Good luck on your move!

  • Hi I’m planning to move from Texas to San Jose California to get a fresh start but I am not taking much but 1 or 2 suitcases. And I do have my own car but I don’t want to drive it for 2 days straight so I will be going on the bus. Do you know any companies that could tow my car? Thanks again and do you have any tips you can give me when o arrive?

    • Hi Pamela,

      Thanks for getting your out of state moving tips from my site! It sounds like you have figured out the cheapest option for moving, so as far as vehicle shipping I recommend this site: U-Ship – Vehicle Shipping. You can name your own price and it can be accepted by various people or shipping companies that can get the job done. As far as what to do when you get there, I recommend going to the beach and taking a huge breath of relief, because you made it. From there you will be able to find work, housing, and friends naturally…getting there is the biggest step. Look around for various employment opportunities online ahead of time as well as housing. There are room share options as well as apt/housing rental listings online if you just look around. Good luck with your fresh start in the Bay Area!

      • Hi David my husband kids and I are planning to move to idaho for a fresh start but I don’t know how to get a cheap trailer to take my 56″ flat screen TV and my baby’s crib (I’m expecting) .. and how to install in on the car for a cheap price..

        • Hi Gissella,

          Thanks for choosing for your moving advice and tips! I know that U-haul offers small trailer rentals that you could use, however if you don’t have a hitch package on your vehicle then it could make things more tricky. Honestly though, if those are the only two large items in question, your best bet would probably be either selling them and buying new or used replacements when you get to Idaho or placing a listing on U-Ship. I hope this helps and you have a smooth move to your fresh start in Idaho!

  • hi my name is John. I am planning move to Melbourne, FL from Garden Grove, CA. I currently own 2 cars and live in a 3 bedroom houses. I plan to get rid some furniture but plan to take some with me. My friend told me about container. Is it a good option? What would you recommend? Thank you.

    • Hi John,

      Thanks for coming here before your cross country move to Florida! To answer your question, I assume you mean a service such as PODS when you say “container”. This can definitely be a great “mid-range” option between renting a truck and moving yourself and hiring full service movers. Car shipping is expensive so if you have someone to drive your other vehicle then the container option could be a great solution for you. Make sure to get your free full-service quotes though so you know how much you’ll be saving with a container service. Click Here For 6 Free Moving Quotes Some companies have great deals coast-to-coast. Good luck with whatever you end up choosing!

  • What do you find to be the fastest way to sell off big ticket items
    entertainment units, flat screens, sectionals

    • Hi Kim

      Thanks for stopping by the site for out-of-state moving tips! If you are near a decent sized metro area there are a lot of great options such as Facebook groups, Craigslist, and the OfferUp app for phones. If you are in a more rural area then I suggest spreading the word around town, asking if you can post for sale posters up in high-traffic areas such as cafes or gas stations. I hope this helps, good luck with your selling process!

  • Hi,

    We are looking at moving back to Dallas, TX from Nashville, TN. Our move from Dallas to Nashville we used Budget and towed a vehicle. The tow dolly way in disrepair and caused us problems – we had to load and unload the car several times en route. We aren’t opposed to doing the same thing this time but wondered how much more expensive using something like PODS or Pack Rat would be? Have you heard of anyone using PODS for moves like this one? I have personally found using a POD is more expensive for a local move than hiring movers.

    • Hi Christa

      Thanks for coming to C.M.T. before your upcoming move to Tennessee! PODS can actually be a great answer if you don’t wish to move yourself again. That is too bad about the state of the Budget dolly, they are supposed to check that before it goes out! I am not familiar with Pack Rat, however PODS is definitely more expensive than moving yourself with a rental. That being said, it will make the transit stress-free and that goes a long way. Definitely look into them and get a quote, it can’t hurt! Good luck with your move to TN!

  • Hi, which do you think is more cost effective- renting a van to move a Garndfather’s clock from NY to MIAMi or hire a mover? My sister passed away and she left me Her clock which is very important to her so I need to move it down here in Miami. In addition to the clock sh also have couple of house plants that I would like to ship.
    Any advice that you can provide is greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance

    • Hi Thea

      Thanks for coming here for all your out-of-state moving help and information! For that one item, I actually recommend using this service: U-Ship – Antique Shipping. Its a great service for shipping one-off items, especially specialty items such as your Grandfather clock. I hope this helps!

  • Hi,
    My family and I are looking to relocate from NYC to the Pacific Northwest. We have a 7 month only baby and a car, and we are trying to think of what the best option would be. We would like to move together, but can’t seem to figure that out. We have a fair amount of stuff and would like to keep the car, but it seems as though it would be ridiculously expensive to send everything in advance with us flying over. Any recommendations?

    • Hi Lesha,

      Thanks for coming here before your long, cross-country move! If you are trying to keep the cost down to a minimum while keeping the car, you should consider selling all big items like beds, dressers, tvs, stands, etc and ship everything that you can fit in boxes through Amtrak. Then you can drive your car with everything else you can fit inside it and start your new adventure with a road-trip across America. Good luck, I hope this helps!

  • Hello I am planing a move from Chicago, IL to Arizona. My target date is end of July. So that is 4 months. I have a 8 year old son and this will be our first time moving out of state. I am unsure how to go about moving. the cost to ship my entire apartment and car is a lot. I was considering selling it all and completely starting over. How many times do you suggest visiting the state to search for job and housing?

    • Hi Brittany,

      Thanks for stopping by with your questions about moving out of state to Arizona! I know it all seems overwhelming and over-priced to move that far, but that’s why I made this website. Selling everything and starting over is definitely the cheapest way to go and is easier than it sounds to do. As far as job-searching and visiting goes, I would try to keep it all to one visit if possible. You can find a lot of job openings as well as housing on the internet and can line-up potential interviews and housing inspections to one visit if you can get the planning right!,, and a lot of others are great for jobs. Good luck in your move to AZ!

  • Hey David,
    So i need some help here because I’m not moving far but i have a daughter which means more luggage that needs to be transferred over. I live in Georgia with my parents right now and i want to go to Florida to be with my boyfriend. I’m 19 and I’ve traveled a lot in the past but I’ve had a good amount of time and I’ve had military help. This time I’m on my own so what do you think i should do about which of these you recommend is the cheapest route to take.

    Thank You,

    • Hi Anysia,

      Thanks for stopping by before your out of state move to Florida! I would say that if you can borrow or rent a regular open-bed truck and fit everything in that, then that would be your cheapest option to move. If not look into renting a small Budget truck. Good luck with your move!

  • Hi David, Your advice will be greatly appreciated. Me and my family is planning on moving to Florida This summer from Connecticut. we got a quote from pack-rat for $2100 for a storage container that will ship our stuff. I would like to know in your opinion is that a good reasonable quote for CT to FL. we have

    1. Bedroom set which includes (queen size bed,2 night stands, a dresser with a mirror attached to it)
    2. my daughters crib
    3. my son’s full size bed
    4. 2 40in tv’s
    5. full size couch and love seat
    6. 3 small living room tables
    7. and all our clothes
    8. two cars
    9. a few miscellenous things (toys,laptops,video games, like 100 pairs of shoes)

    we are two young adults and we plan to buy a house in florida but this will be our first big move with two kids. so we will be driving both cars, which both take premium gas (2 audi’s), so we will be paying the $2100 pack rat fee, gas for both of the cars, toll fees, and food expenses. what would you suggest we do?
    we also got a few quotes from penseke and budget which are both around $1800 not including the gas. Please help LOL

    • Hi Yvonne,

      Thanks for choosing Cheap Moving Tips as your source for the best out of state moving advice and tips! Did you use my 20% Off Entire Budget Truck Rental Cost Coupon? If so and you still got the $1,800 quote then it sounds like a container service like Pack Rat or PODS will be your overall best solution if you are certain that you don’t wish to hire full-service movers. Either way, you should definitely get your 6 Free Moving Quotes because it takes about 45 seconds to fill out the form and see the competing prices from movers. Moving, especially in the summer, is expensive when it comes to households and long distances so definitely check around on the pricing but be prepared for at least a couple grand for the total excursion. I hope this helps and good luck on your out of state move to FL!

  • Hi David,

    My boyfriend and I are moving from Minneapolis to DC at the end of August (timing can’t be changed). We have one couch, a living room chair, queen and full bed, small desk, small/medium dining room table, tv stand, dresser, small coffee table with two end tables and a couple small book shelves. We’re trying to decide between a moving truck and a pod. We’re thinking that the smaller 8x7x7 pods wouldn’t be large enough but the 16x8x8 pods are too big. The larger pods are quoted around $2000. We want to take 2 cars out there so the convenience of a pod would be nice but we’re also looking at a truck which would obviously be cheaper but much more of a hassle to figure out driving. Do you have any advice? Any ideas on how much money a truck would be able to save us given the distance? Thanks for any advice you might have!

    • Hi Lexy,

      Thanks for stopping by the site before your long distance move to DC! If the larger POD pricing is too high, then the cheapest option will most likely be renting a Budget Truck Rental – 20% Off! and adding a tow package to tow one of your vehicles so that one of you can drive the moving truck and the other can drive your other vehicle. The added cost of full-service movers may be beneficial to you so I always recommend getting 6 Free Out Of State Moving Quotes to get an idea of what full-service company costs. From there you can make a more educated decision about your (possibly) cheaper options to decide if the lower cost is worth the added labor and effort. I hope this helps and wish you the best on your move to Washington, DC!

  • Hi, there.
    I move out from NYC to Reno, Nevada . I live with my sister in Reno, Nevada now. But all my stuff still in NYC and I need to get my stuff move out from NYC ship door to door to Reno. And I have no one can help me out to ship my stuff to their company.
    Does it has any company can go to pick up my stuff at my old house in NYC and move them out to Reno, Nevada at my sister’s house and get it by the cheapest price ?
    I want to know which way is the best way and cheapest?
    Thank you so much
    Thank you so much

    • Hi Perawatts

      Thanks for your coming to Cheap Moving Tips for your answers to moving out of state as cheap as possible! Will you be able to be present in NYC for the movers to arrive? Typically most companies will need someone present before entering and packing up everything for the move. I’d recommend getting your Free Out-of-State Moving Quotes and then contacting the top couple of companies and asking them directly about their policies as I cannot answer for all of the different companies and their working procedures. Also check into PODS or U-Ship – Moving Services to find the cheapest prices for your particular needs. Good luck with getting all of your belongings to Reno, whatever way you end up choosing!

  • Hi. My mom is moving in with me this summer. She has very little and I’m trying to convince her to get rid of that. She has a 9′ bed that’s “heavy”, a small table and 3 chairs, a small dresser, and kitchen stuff. She has a small car but I think we can get her personals all into the car. Wouldn’t it be silly to rent a truck?

    • Hi Sis,

      Thanks for stopping by the site! I’d say if you can fit everything in the car then it would definitely be overkill and over-payment by renting a truck. Good luck with the move!

  • Hi I’m planning on moving from Florida to Philadelphia at the beginning of March I would really like some advise on which option to go with.. I’m moving from my parents house so I don’t have much.
    A sectional
    Full size bed
    2 dresser
    An well my clothes
    An some small appliances
    I would really appreciate some help on which would be cheaper for me to go.. Please help!

    • Hi Tiffany,

      Thanks for stopping by the site for your cheap out of state moving tips before your upcoming move to Philly! Assuming you don’t want to sell off the items you listed before moving and re-purchase them in Philadelphia, then your cheapest out of state moving option will most likely be to rent a small Budget truck. However, don’t forget to get your Free Moving Quotes so you know your cheapest options for movers. Sometimes companies will have deals so close to what you will be paying for a rental that it’s hard to pass up…plus everything they do is insured. Hope this helps and have a safe move!

  • I’m planning a move from KC to AZ, which is around 1200 miles. I have a vehicle I can drive in, but it’s small (2-seater) so I can only carry my PC and one suitcase. I have no other large belongings other than bed, but I plan to sell it since it was a cheap bed. For the stuff that will not fit, for example rest of clothes, bed stuff, etc, do you recommend shipping it? I was on the edge about getting a u-haul with the car tow option (since my car does not do so well in gas), but at 1450 for truck plus towing it seems overkill. I could ship the items, but I will not be sure where to, as I won’t know where I’ll be housing – I will stay with a friend for 2 weeks to sort that out.
    thanks for any input!

    • Hi Miguel,

      Thanks for stopping by for your cheap state to state moving tips before your long move to Arizona! Yes, getting a U-haul or Budget Truck with the extremely small amount of items you have seems like overkill. I recommend shipping the items you can’t fit in your car and store them in a storage rental unit for a month if you need to since you don’t know where you’ll be living. That should be a lot cheaper than renting a truck and hauling your car. Good luck with your move to Arizona, it’s a beautiful state!

  • hi my name is alecia.. I am 24 and I have a 3 year old son. I live upstate in NY and I am trying to move to Florida. I have a little over a month to have everything planned and I don’t even know where to start. every time I begin to start looking for apartments I just stare at the screen.. I have no clue what to do to re-locate especially if I have never lived outside my city. what do I do.. what steps do I take. I have no clue what I am doing.

    • Hi Alecia,

      Thanks for coming to for your tips for moving out of state cheaply! I know moving can seem extremely overwhelming, especially if it’s your first move out of state! My advice is to not force anything that you are not prepared for, however, after proper planning, you will just need to “take the jump”! Make sure finances are in order and you have a game plan to pack, move, and settle in. There are a lot of temporary housing options you may be able to find on Craigslist until you are able to get fully situated. Trust in the universe, think positive thoughts, and prepare as much as possible and you will be fine! Follow all the tips on this site and throughout the comments and you should be able to make your move to Florida as cheap and smooth as possible. Good luck!

  • Hello David,

    Due to a job loss and inability to find a new one I can support myself on even with an MBA, I am forced to move with my parents until I find a stable job in the Pittsburgh area and get on my feet again. Currently, I’m living in a 2bd.2ba apartment in Phoenix. My mother is suggesting that she will fly out to take my children back, I sell all of my furniture, drive my car with small items, clothes and such, then restart once I get a new job and place. We were quoted $2700 for a moving company, however she feels that we will be able to refurnish a new place for that amount later on. She said only bring what I need. Suggestions? I’m having a hard time and have to be out of my home in a month. HELP!

    • Hi Erica,

      Thanks for coming by the site for tips for moving out of state as cheap as possible! Life is a never-ending roller-coaster of ups. downs, and arounds. I’m sorry to hear about your tough situation, but remember that everything in life runs in cycles and you will be on the upswing and back on your feet before you know it! In the meantime, I recommend following your mother’s advice and downsizing as much as possible to minimize moving costs. Once you get to your parent’s place and find some steady income you can save up and re-purchase whatever you need as you go along. I wish you the best on your move to Pittsburgh and the next chapter of your life!

  • Hey there! I’m planning a move from Southern California to Wisconsin soon (by the end of the year), and I’m just looking for any and all advice possible. I don’t believe I have that many items to move (I’m moving out of my parents place). I would be taking:

    65″ TV
    Soundbar/Playstation system
    Twin size bed
    3 wide dresser
    1 guitar
    small endtable/nightstand
    and maybe a few boxes for miscellaneous extras (electronics, books, etc)

    • Hi Patrick!

      Thanks for stopping by the site to make your out of state move cheaper. Do you have a vehicle you plan on driving or transporting or is it just you and your stuff? If you’re alone and your taking everything you mentioned, then you will want to choose between the smallest sized (10-12ft depending on the company) moving truck rental or possibly renting a regular truck with a bed that can fit everything. If you choose to go with a regular truck you need to make extra sure to pad and secure your belongings so that they don’t bounce around and rub all over each other. Your cheapest moving truck rental option would be Budget, so I’d start there. Hope this helps and good luck on your move to Wisconsin!

    • Hi Ken,

      Thanks for stopping by Cheap Moving Tips! Aside from driving the vehicle yourself or towing it on the back of a rental truck, really the only 2 options are to use an auto transport company (the big rigs filled with cars) or to sell off your vehicle and purchase a new one in your new city. Vehicles can definitely be one of the hardest things to move out of state if you don’t have enough drivers for all of your vehicles or if you aren’t comfortable towing. I have used the vehicle tow attachments many moves through Budget and I can say that they work great, but its all up to you. I hope this helps and good luck on your future moves!

  • I made this mistake and I will never make it again. They give themselves the right to open your boxes if they feel the boxes may not be “stable for transport.” All of my boxes were NEW but they still opened them, took my valuables out for themselves and dumped the remaining stuff in a beat up box that actually DIDN’T hold up. I could not get one red cent back because they make you go through so many changes to file a claim it’s not worth it. Finally, I had my last boxes shipped via Greyhound.. NO PROBLEMS. With Greyhound your boxes are always around many people and they have cameras everywhere so it’s harder to rip you off. I BEG you don’t make the same mistake I did with Fed Ex and UPS.

    • I’m sorry to hear about your terrible experience! Personally, I have never used a shipping service to move out of state but I have definitely used Greyhound before and they do a great job. If you absolutely want to ship everything and you have more than the Greyhound limits allow, I’d probably go with U-Ship because they are set up for shipping moving boxes, furniture, and fragile household items for moving. Thanks for stopping by and taking the time to comment…I hope your future moves go much better for you!

  • I’m moving from Ms to Seattle. Im leaving my moms house so I dont have furniture just clothes and other small appliances and belongings. I also have a car which I need but could not make the drive. How should I get there?

    • Hi Canter,

      Thanks for choosing Cheap Moving Tips as your #1 resource for making your move to Seattle cheaper and easier. If you can fit everything in your car, then just drive yourself with your belongings. If you can’t fit everything, your options are shipping the items you can’t fit and driving yourself, or selling your car, and taking a Greyhound or Amtrak with your belongings…and then purchase a new vehicle in Seattle. I hope this helps and you figure out what works best for you. Remember to get your Free Moving Quotes to find the cheapest deals on movers, because that is always an option as well. Good luck!

  • We are planning on a move from Maine to las vegas next year, we won’t be moving too much.

    One sofa
    one smaller sofa
    one queen bed
    one full bed
    a curio cabinet
    two 42 inch tvs
    A computer
    and one tv stand..
    Mostly will be a lot of boxes of clothes and dishes/random items….

    We can’t seem to get a quote for under $2000 for 5 feet of space, unless i heard wrong because i was in shock, which I’m not sure if 5 feet would be enough, i know its a long distance but jeez, we aren’t moving a full gigantic house full of items. Should we just settle for that price or keep looking?

    • Hi Helen,

      Thanks for Choosing for your source of out of state moving advice and help. I know this isn’t what you are going to want to hear, but that honestly doesn’t sound like too bad of a price. Maine to Las Vegas is a very long distance move and those trucks do not get good gas mileage. $2000 sounds like it might even be cheaper than renting a truck and moving yourself after you factor in the truck rental price, gas, and lodging for the whole trip. You may be able to find a better moving quote by changing the exact dates of your move to be during the week instead of the weekends. The summer is the busiest time of year to move, so if you can find dates that work for you that aren’t peak moving season then you may be able to cut that price down lower. It sucks but moving big things out of state and across the country costs a pretty penny…even after utilizing these tips for lowering your costs. I hope your move goes well no matter what you end up choosing and enjoy your new home in sunny Las Vegas!

  • I’m moving to Kentucky from California.
    I don’t have furniture since I’m moving out of my parents place. It’s mostly clothes and other belongings. I’m making the move by myself so I’m scared of the long drive. (Never driven more than 45 minutes by myself) I’m thinking I will only take what fits into my car. Or would it be safer to just take the train and just buy a used car in Kentucky? Honestly I’m just scared .

    • Hi Eppy,

      Thanks for coming to Cheap Moving Tips for your out of state moving advice and tips. I know moving can be scary, especially if you are moving a long distance away like CA to KY. Its okay, take things one day at a time, plan it out, and you will get through it just fine. The cheapest way for you to move would be the train or Greyhound and buying a used car in Kentucky. If you haven’t driven more than 45 minutes by yourself before then that might be the best bet for you. Is your current car in good enough condition to make the long trip to Kentucky? Basically you should do whatever is most comfortable out of the two. Decide if keeping your car and driving is more important than safely riding a train or Greyhound to your new home. I hope this helps and whatever you choose to do I hope you have a safe (and cheap) move!

  • We are moving from Murrieta, Ca to St. George, Utah. We will be moving our 2800 sq st home and more than likely hire a van line for transportation due to the amount to be moved. I don’t have an issue with this but do have an issue with our items being left on a truck till the van is completely loaded. I have been told that we will be given a delivery window. What I’m wondering are there any companies that use smaller trucks, thus giving a quicker delivery time and assurance that only your items are on board?
    Thank You, Donna

  • Hi, i live in Oklahoma. My boyfriend and i planned on trying to north carolina in about a year. That way we can find jobs and also save up to do this move. Ive never moved out of state before but im also very young and not to sure what all i need to do or look for or anything. I could definitely use some advice. Id appreciate the help.


    • Hi Ashlee!

      Thanks for stopping by to learn a little more about moving out of state and how to save money in the process! If you are planning to move in a year, then you’ve got plenty of time to start planning and preparing for the trip. My suggestion would be to figure out how much your move is going to cost now, and start saving up for it. Also start trying to line up jobs or figure out how you will find employment once you get there. The more you plan for and take care of now, the less stressed out and overwhelmed you will feel this time next year when you are packing up and moving out! Good luck with everything. 🙂

  • Hey, I’m going to be moving from Washington State back down to Florida in two weeks. What’s the cheapest way to move say three to four big boxes of stuff across the country? The only big things that are really getting shipped would be a PlayStation and a big heap of clothes.

    • Hi David!

      If all you have to move out of state are some boxes I’d cross-check prices between USPS and UPS. If you can fit all of your stuff in more boxes that are smaller in size but weigh no more than 500lbs in total then you can ship them through Amtrak which is a great, cheap option. Here is a link to their requirements: Amtrak Express Shipping. I hope this helps and you have a safe (and cheap) move across the country back to Florida. That is a long one! Thanks for stopping by before your move.

  • Hi David,
    My family and I are planning from NY to Florida in the next couple of weeks. My wife and kids are already there. I’ve stayed behind to do the packing and cleaning up of our new york apt. Help!! lol! whats the best advice you can give. I plan on hiring movers but dont know where to start.

    • Hi Juan,

      Thanks for stopping by for some advice before your big move to Florida! I know how overwhelming the whole moving situation can feel, especially when you’re trying to move a whole family and household. First off, don’t stress it too much. My best advice for you is to get your free moving quotes here from this site. That will allow you to know the cost of hiring movers and getting your stuff from NY to FL. Then its all up to you to get packed up, get the apartment cleaned, get all of your local services and bills closed out, and hop on the road or jet to Florida. My quick advice is to take the time to plan out on paper everything you will need to get done, then figure out their order of priority, and then start knocking them out. It may seem like a lot to grasp but if you organize, plan, and attack you will be just fine! Also, read all of the other articles and tips on this site to learn the best ways to shave off dollars and time! Best wishes to you and your family!

  • Great article. I moved out of the country. My first idea was to bring everything with me. Then I decided that it will be wiser to send my luggage with Fedex. This was a great decision. Thank you for sharing your article. Greetings!

  • Hi David,
    Really glad I happened to find you while surfing. I’m looking for a car transport as well as movers. Through divorce, I am moving half a 6 bedroom house but a basement FULL of gym equipment. I could do PODS or UPACK but the gym equipment is going to require a lot of muscle work and people who know how to move heavy equipment. Any suggestions? I know that I’m probably looking at a more than normal expense, but I really am not trying to break the bank as I’m essentially “starting over”.


    • Hi Dell,

      Thanks for stopping by for advice and tips for making your moving cheaper. I definitely know the pains of disassembling and moving heavy gym equipment! I’d recommend getting your free moving quotes here to figure out how much it will cost to have full-service movers take care of all the heavy lifting, packing, and transporting. Hiring full-service movers will most likely be a little more expensive but it will ensure all of your possessions and equipment against damage during the packing, transport, and unloading process. Once you have your free quotes you can figure out the cheapest out of state movers, and then compare prices against PODS and UPACK. If you need extra help with packing, lifting, and loading and you don’t have friends or family you can count on, then Craigslist is a good option for finding help. I hope this helps you decide on the route you need to take!

  • Hi, It is good to see you reply to most of the comments.

    I have recently bought the following items and not sure if I have to sell them for cheap price or to move as I am moving from NJ to Texas, if so could you please suggest me the best option ?

    1. Sofa set ($900)
    2. TV stand ($150)
    3. Dining table($150)
    4. Bed ($400)
    5. cup board($150)
    6. Cloths ( could be 5 boxes )
    7. kitchen items and other items ( 4 boxes )
    8. I have a car ($8500) thinking of selling it if my option is not to rent a truck )


    • Hi Narayana,

      Thanks for coming here before your long distance move to Texas! It all depends on what matters the most to you. Does the cheapest price possible on your move matter more with a lot more time and energy spent in the moving process? Or would you rather spend less time selling off everything and buying it back in exchange for a higher moving cost? If it was me, in your situation, I’d probably use this link to get 20% off your total Budget truck rental cost. I’d add a towing hitch for your vehicle and move myself. If you aren’t comfortable with packing up everything and driving the truck, then you may need to start selling your large items or hiring movers to do it for you. You can find the cheapest rates from up to 6 pro moving companies by filling out our free moving quote form here. I hope this helps and wish you the best on your move out-of-state!

  • I’m planning to move from Florida to Denver which I will take a plane to get there. I currently can’t drive at the momement so all that I’m bringing with me is a least 2 dozens pair of shoes, my clothes, and other small personal stuff. my main concern is how I’m going to move my 47″ tv, soundbar & a computer tower. What would you recommend for me my to move my belongings?

    • Hi Richard,

      Thanks for stopping by the site before your out of state move to Denver! I would say ship the computer tower through one of the major shipping companies (USPS, UPS, Fedex) and selling the tv and soundbar before you move. Those two items will be quick and easy to replace in a large metro area like Denver. Check on or Facebook groups in Denver like “buy, sell, or trade anything” or “online yard sale” and you should be able to find something similiar to what you left behind. I hope this helps and no matter what you choose I wish you a safe trip to Denver!

  • My fiance and I are planning to move from Jamestown New York to Asheville north Carolina. The only thing is, we don’t know how much to save! We have a year and a half time frame while going to school for nursing. We plan on driving or own way down with our one puppy. We are at a loss. We are a new young engaged couple and want a new beginning! Anything is helpful!

    • Hi Katelynn,

      Thanks for coming here for advice before your long move to North Carolina! If you are already planning ahead a year and a half in advance, then I am very confident you will be able to easily budget and plan for your move. Since you will be driving, I recommend filling out a Budget Truck rental request to see how much it will cost to rent a truck to drive from Jamestown to Asheville. Use this link to get a 20% off coupon which will save you a lot of money on a move of that distance. You don’t have to make a purchase now, but you can simply follow all of the steps to get a precise estimate on a rental truck and moving costs. Once you know your rental truck costs you will need to factor in gas costs (hard to predict a year and a half in advance), motel/lodging costs, food, etc. If you have any family or friends along the way it can save you a lot of money to stay overnight with them instead of motels. If you won’t already have a place secured then make sure to budget in extra costs for lodging once you get to your new city and begin to search for a new residence. I hope this helps you cut down costs on your out of state move…good luck! 🙂

  • I’ll be moving out of state and the costs are really much higher than I expected! It’s good that there are such posts, I think the tips will really help me with that.

    • Thanks for awesome feedback Amber, I am glad that you found these tips helpful before your upcoming move! Your absolutely right, moving costs can add up quickly but if you plan ahead and think it through then you should be able to move for cheaper than you think. I hope my tips make for a smooth move and should save you some time and money. Good luck with your move!

  • We just moved and I don’t understand some of the things that just happened. We wanted some items moved to an apartment and some items placed into storage (We are planning to move long distance in about a year). For the local move to the apartment, we were given an estimate charging us for 3 people by the hour.
    For whatever reason, after they moved everything out of our house and onto the truck–we were told that they had to go back to their main office to weigh the truck. They said they would meet us back at the apartment in approximately 1 1/2 hours. The movers said they needed to weigh the truck BEFORE they delivered any items to the apartment, because the truck would have to be weighed again AFTER the apartment delivery to determine the weight of the items going into storage. I totally don’t understand. Why couldn’t they just weigh the items that were going into storage, instead of wasting 1 1/2 hours of moving time in the middle of the day to weigh everything on the truck. Do you know why they did this?

    • Hi Mary, this is a very good question. This doesn’t sound like honest business practice to me and could have possibly been just to add up additional costs. In some cases, mostly when moving out of state, a weighing process may take place. Please look into this with the company you went through. I recommend checking out their reputation with the Better Business Bureau and see if there are prior reports of shady tactics. For more information, go to That is a government website set up to protect consumers and help them understand their rights when dealing with movers. I’m sorry to hear you had a negative experience and I hope this info helps. Take care!

  • I’m trying to figure out what would be the cheapest way for 2 people (myself and my fiance) to move from Riverside, CA to Austin, TX. We are planning to move by January 2016. We can’t afford to spend money on new furniture. We are both college students that want to finish school over there. We have a few things to bring with us

    1 queen size bed
    1 5 drawer dresser
    2 cars (one is leased)
    1 bookshelf
    plus all of our clothes and personal items
    and we have a dog

    • Hi Deianira,

      Thanks for choosing for advice before your long move from California to Texas. To me it sounds like you will need a small 12′ Budget truck to move your belongings. Use this coupon to get 20% off your entire rental cost. To move everything in one trip, you will have to haul one vehicle with the available attachment and drive the other vehicle along with the moving truck. This will be the cheapest and most efficient way for you to move. I hope your move to Austin, TX goes smooth, cheap, and safe!

  • Hi I need to move things from Chicago to Colorado it’s my things and baby’s things not taking drawers or taking the my bed mostly clothes lamps my baby things radio jewelry and gurl things

    • Hi Bella,

      Thanks for stopping by for help before your out of state move to Colorado. If you aren’t planning on taking any furniture or bulky items then Amtrak or Greyhound will most likely be your cheapest options. If you have a car or vehicle then you should pack it up and drive it yourself. I hope that helps and your trip to Colorado is a success!

  • Great to see that there’s lots of options for people moving out of state! It can be really stressful moving, especially if it’s to a whole new place. Thanks for sharing all of these resources!

    • Thanks for the great comment Jordan, I’m glad you found my site helpful! There are definitely a lot of out of state moving options and it can get pretty overwhelming to try to balance a million things at once getting to a new home in a new state. It makes it worth the work to know I can be of some help for people moving out there.

      Take care! 🙂

  • I was trying to figure out where would be the best place to move alone out of town coming from Jacksonville Florida and cheapest

  • I am moving from Indiana to Las Vegas. We (5of us) have a small 3brmd house and 2 dogs. Have you ever heard of Upack? It’s a little pricy, but having the convenience of packing a trailer(which they drop off at your door) and not having to worry about driving it across country is worth it. I am just wondering how a service like that is. Are there other services like that? is it worth the extra? Should we just rent a truck?

    • Hi Lisah!

      Thanks for reading through my state to state moving tips before your move to Las Vegas! Moving companies like Upack are really convenient if you are trying to avoid the cross-country drive yourself, which can be difficult for a family of five no doubt. Be sure to get your free moving quote here to give yourself some more options (at no cost to you) and see what works best for your needs and price range. Good luck and safe travels with your move to Nevada!

  • Hello David,

    My boyfriend and I are taking a BIG leap and moving from our home in California in with his grandmother in Michigan! We are very excited and very grateful to her for letting us stay with her until we can get on our own. However, I have some concerns about how to make the move.

    We have to bring both of our cars because they were both recently purchased and were good investments. So, we figured we would load our cars with our valuables and send our large furniture in a storage container.
    Do you think this is the best option? They seem to be around $2,000 or more, which seems pricey to someone who hasn’t done this before.

    Also, we have two cats. I am wondering what the best options are for moving with them. I have read the blog posts about moving with pets, but they don’t seem to be cat focused. I have carriers for them and will have them riding in those, but am worried about how to secure them so they don’t slide around and how to make sure they can relieve themselves if needed. Would you have any information on this? I don’t know if pulling over every few hours and putting them in a litter box will work for them the way I am hoping it will. I think the new scenery will just be too much!

    Thank you for all of your great advice and reminders. This information truly is helpful!

    -Steffani M.

  • I am moving from sacramento,ca to washington state. I have a full 5 bd home. Uhaul and others quote 1500+ for their trucks. And cheaper ways??

    • Hi Meredith,

      I’m glad you chose to come here for your cheap out of state moving tips. If you check down below to my response to Myeshia who had a very similar question, you’ll see a few tips that might work for you but the unfortunate reality is that the cost to move out of state is pretty high. If you aren’t willing to do something drastic like sell off your heavy furniture then I don’t know of a cheaper solution for you other than what’s already been said in other comments. I’m sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I’m sure you’ll be able to figure out a way to get it done…good luck!

  • My Husband and I are moving from Arkansas to Las Vegas. We need to get all of our belongings (including furniture) and one vehicle with us to Vegas. We’ve looked into Budget, Enterprise, and U haul and we’ve only seen that we will be spending about $1,400 just to get there. Can you give us any other advice on a cheaper route ?

    • Hi Myeshia,

      Thanks for coming here for out of state moving tips before your move! Unfortunately as far as do-it-yourself moving truck rental companies go, Budget is the cheapest. Moving out of state is expensive and time-consuming no matter how you break it down. Gas prices are going back up and you’ve got a lot of states between Arkansas and Las Vegas. If your vehicle has the towing capacity maybe you could look into buying a trailer to fill up and tow your belongings to Vegas and then re-sell the trailer in NV. Other than that you may want to consider selling your furniture and traveling light and purchasing new stuff when you get there. I know you can find some crazy deals on just about anything in LV if you’re patient enough. I hope you find something that works for your budget!

  • Hi David,
    We are moving from MD to CA. Likely we’ll be using a Moving company. My question is I will be driving with my 2 toodlers and wife to CA that will take at least 4-5 days. Can the moving company get all the stuff we needed earlier like 1-2 days before we drive to CA then deliver it on the day that we will arrive at our place in CA?


    • Hi Dave,

      Thanks for stopping by for your out-of-state moving advice and tips! To answer your question, you will need to talk to each moving company individually to see how they schedule and run things. My recommendation is to get your free quotes and then call your favorite options up to speak to someone directly about your custom logistics situation. Almost every moving company will be able to fit your schedule and delivery instructions as long as you don’t wait until last minute. Moving companies are on very strict schedules so as long as they plan ahead you should be alright!

      Good luck on your cross country move to California!

  • Hi David,

    I’m moving from CT to GA in July and I’m looking for a very affordable rate to ship my stuff down. I looked up rental and they are running me $600 and up and that does not include tolls, motel and gas. It’s only me. I’m shipping a 42 inch tv, room size stereo, medium size bookcase, clothes, shoes, clear plastic containers that squeeze under my bed, lamp, two bed in a bag and a few boxes. I’m barely filling up a room. I wonder if you know any affordable companies or places who will offer me a great place. I want to save any money I can. Please help!

    Thanks again.


    • Hi Josie,

      Thanks for choosing to come here for answers about the cheapest way to ship your belongings out of state. I mentioned in the article above that there are cheap shipping companies, the cheapest usually being Amtrak or Greyhound, however, they won’t be able to ship your larger items like the TV and dresser. If you don’t mind parting ways with those items, by suggestion would be to sell all the large bulky items and buy new ones in Georgia. It will save you a lot of money over shipping them because, to be honest, any place will be expensive to ship those items. If you want to get creative you can look into ride shares on craigslist or regular truck rentals and load up the back end. Those are my suggestions if you are looking to make that move cheaper than $600. I wish you the best and hope everything works out for you on your upcoming move to Georgia!

  • Hi! Thanks for the great post! I have an unusual move to plan and would like your advice. I live in Gainesville Florida. My son is presently in college in Columbus Ohio. This summer (late July/early August) he will be moving to DC for graduate school. We have furniture here that will need to be moved (2 dressers, a couch, bookcase, desk, desk chair and possibly some other small pieces of furniture). And we need to get his bed and odds and ends that won’t fit in his car from Ohio. He will be moving into a high rise apartment complex that has set hours for move ins (for freight elevator and loading dock). My husband was talking about renting a trailer to tow from his large pick up truck, loading it with the furniture here, driving to Ohio, loading the rest and then driving to DC. I am wondering if that is the most practical/efficient means. We also need to drive my son’s car back to FL since he will not be keeping it in DC; if we do what my husband is suggesting we will have two vehicles to drive back to FL. Any advice would be greatly appreciated!

    • Hi Colleen!

      Thanks for stopping by Cheap Moving Tips before helping your son move to DC! As for your question, it comes down to what matters the most between saving a little extra money or having the convenience of driving one vehicle back from DC to FL. Driving your truck with a rented trailer (pending no unforseen problems/accidents/extra expenses) will most likely be your absolute cheapest way to accomplish what you need to get done. That being said, I would recommend getting a quote for a Budget Truck Rental (see link above in the page for discount code) from Gainesville that will fit everything you’ll need to go to DC and then drop it off in DC once you are finished. That way you can both ride back in one vehicle and you wont have to worry about driving a huge truck or trailer home. At least get an estimate from them so you can see and estimate how much money you’ll actually be saving over renting a truck if you do choose to drive your own vehicle. I hope this helps and you and your family have a safe moving experience. Take care!

  • Hi David,
    Thank you for all the up-to-date moving advices.
    My family plans to move from Georgia to Seattle in summer. Beside hiring a mover to get our stuffs to Seattle, my family will drive across the country as we have 2 old dogs and a cat to come with us.
    I think it will only take the mover 40~45 hours to get to destination, we will need 5-6 days to finish the 2,650 miles driving trip.
    My question: Can we ask the mover to make delivery on specific time say 5~6 days after loading up the van?

    • Hi Stephen,

      Thanks for choosing to read through this out of state moving guide before your upcoming move to Seattle! Yes, you should be able to negotiate the drop off time with any moving company you choose to go with to coordinate with your schedule. You will just need to talk to the moving company you hire about the dates and come to an agreement on the time of day that they will come to your house and unpack everything. Good luck on your cross-country move and don’t forget your umbrella!

    • Hi David,
      Thank you for the response. As a moving expert, could you shed some advice on the followings:

      1. As we are very flexible on timing our cross-country move from Georgia to Seattle, is there any special time window between Mid Sept to end Oct that will save us some moving cost?

      2. Like buying air ticket, should I get bids from movers as earliest as possible like 4 months in advance? Or should I stay put till the last 4 weeks for last-minute promote?

      Again, thank you for all your valuable advices,

      Stephen Yu

      • No problem Stephen! Sorry for the delayed response. I’ve been swamped with work and going through the long distance moving preparations myself as I am about to move to Denver, CO from Phoenix, AZ on Friday! As for your questions:

        1. I’ve actually written a post about this on another moving blog I contribute to that you can find here. For the quick answer though anytime from late September to early November minus holidays should be the cheapest time to move!

        2. Yes definitely get quotes ahead of time because many moving companies will be full and booked up if you get quotes last minute and you will be left with less options and higher prices.

        I hope this helps, thanks again for coming here for all your moving advice…good luck!

        – David

  • Hi David,
    I just filled out the short to request quotes. Move size was determined by number of bedrooms. I’m not planning to move any furniture. Just a desktop computer, 55″ flat screen tv, and a 36″ flat screen tv. Probably 20 boxes or so of clothes, kitchen items and decorative accessories. I selected one bedroom, but am now thinking that quote won’t be accurate.
    Is there a way to get a quote another way?

    • Hi Shirley,

      Thanks for coming to before your move! As for your question, I’d say that one bedroom should be about accurate but if aren’t moving any significant furniture other than the 2 tvs then you should look into or another one of the services I mentioned. I hope all goes well with your move and you figure it out. If you have questions with the quote you will always be able to contact the company directly and get a re-adjusted quote after clarifying all of the information personally. Hope this helps!

  • You covered packing and transporting very well. However, I’m still a bit confused about some things.
    My boyfriend and I are planning in moving out of state for school. The colleges we’re going to do not have any kind of dorms. We’ve found some third party student housing apartments but wait lists build up quick. My issue is how do I find an apartment that understands we have income from our student loans?
    And secondly, how does one find employment in a new city?
    If finding housing and a job are contingent on each other, doesn’t mean that moving to a new city would put me at risk for homelessness?

    • Hi Lyzzi,

      I’m glad you came here for your out of state moving tips! As far as your questions are concerned, I’ll admit this is a little beyond my expertise as I’ve never had to deal with your exact situation. What I can say and recommend is calling your school you plan to attend and ask them about any employment opportunities for students as well as a list of housing they can recommend which meets your needs. Schools make a lot off students year in and year out from all over the world with different situations and they will usually do their best to help accommodate you. Also, websites like are amazing for finding cheap housing with flexible rent agreements. I have successfully found a home to rent-share in less than 12 hours from looking thanks to CL. There are many employment opportunities there as well to start browsing and submitting applications. While you may not have a job on the day you arrive, you can have a line of interviews scheduled and ready to attend. Search around online as well for any forums or posts by people who’ve been through this before and most of all have faith in yourself and your abilities to make your dreams into reality. Nothing worthwhile in life comes easily, so its your job to plan ahead to the best of your abilities, and trust in your will to get where you want to be. There may be a few bumps along the way but that’s life. I hope this helps you and I wish you the best on your adventure!

    • Hi Mario!

      In addition to all the out of state and cross country moving tips for saving money that I’ve mentioned in this article, another great resource for a move of your distance is here: . I hope this helps and your move across the country to Washington goes as smooth as possible! Take care.

    • HI Mario,

      Thanks for stopping by Cheap Moving Tips before your upcoming move across the country! You are definitely preparing for a long distance move to say the least! My advice would be to take the time to read this post before commenting. I’m not trying to sound rude but this page is full of my advice for moving out of state, across the country, and even coast to coast. If you have a more specific question, please feel free to respond with it! Take care!

      • Trying to figure out what company to use for my move from New York to Florida, I never did this before so I’m new at searching moving companies.. How do I know who is out for my money vs who is a good company? If you was to recommend a company for a move of approx. 1,000 miles who would you use? Btw it’s a 1 bedroom apartment about 400cf..

        • Hi June!

          Thanks for checking out this page for tips before your move to Florida. I am actually working on a full article for this website on exactly how to choose the right moving company and avoiding the bad seeds. First of all, if you fill out my Free Moving Quotes Form, you will get free quotes from up to 6 different licensed, bonded, and insured US moving companies that can service your move from NY to FL. By doing that you can weed out potentially unlicensed, illegal companies and can compare and contrast competitive quotes to find the cheapest deals. From there, once you narrow down your options to a few companies that you like, I recommend reading online reviews and checking the reports against each company with the – Better Business Bureau Official Website website. For more information you should watch the video here. I hope this is what you needed and you find the cheap, reliable mover you are looking for. Cheers!

  • How about securing housing in the new state? Is it possible to do this without visiting first and if so, what resources are available in the new state to assist? We will be moving from KY to NY and I’m having trouble finding a place for us to live without breaking the bank and selling most of belongings. Thanks.

    • Hi Miranda,

      Thanks for coming here for your out of state moving advice! A few great resources for finding available homes for rent and to buy are 1) 2. 3. Also make sure to check listings for local real estate listings. Many websites nowadays have video walk-throughs and other great features to get a good look at the home before ever stepping foot inside. I hope this helps. I wish you the best of luck with your move to New York!

      Happy Holidays!

  • Hi David,
    Your tips are really helpful.
    Can you please kindly let me know what is the cheapest way for an in-state move.
    I am moving two and half hours away.
    Is it cheaper to hire movers or rent a truck and hire a driver and unloaders?
    Thanks and God Bless,

    • Hi Stigi, thanks for the kind words, I am glad my tips were able to help you. As far as your question goes, the simple answer is: rent a truck (use this link for 20% off your Budget Truck rental & reservations).

      The long answer is that there are a lot of unforeseen costs in moving, and in a lot of cases, time is money. I recommend getting your free moving quotes here first if you haven’t done that yet to see exactly how much it will cost for the cheapest out-of-state moving company. Then you can use that price as your basis to determine how much you will actually save by renting a truck, driver, and loading labor separately. Budget Truck will be your cheapest rental company though for sure.

      Remember that you will be responsible for paying for gas and hiring packers/driver as well and unless you’ve hired a licensed, insured mover to drive, then your household possessions will be at the mercy of whoever you choose to go with. Make sure that everything is packed up correctly and secure because you can hit a lot of bumps, stops, etc on a 2 and a half hour drive!

      I hope this helps, good luck and God bless!

  • Hey David,
    I really liked your tips on moving out of state. I just had a couple of questions that you might be able to help me out with.
    My fiance and I are hoping to move to Denver, CO in the spring of next year, giving us 6-ish months to prepare.
    How much money do you think is a decent amount when it comes to moving costs/finding an apartment/living expenses. We’re thinking $6k, but i’m worried that won’t be enough.
    Also, we will be moving everything (which is barely enough to fill a small bedroom) in his ’99 ford ranger. Because the weather of colorado is constantly changing, do you think spring is a decent time to move out there via road?
    Thanks so much and thanks again for the tips!


    • HI MIchele!

      Thanks for the great feedback on the site, I am glad that these out of state moving tips have helped you out!

      For your question, that is something that I can’t accurately really speculate on. First off I am not sure where you are moving from so that will be a big wild card in the cost factor. Since you two are planning on moving to Denver, CO with your own truck though, that will save you a lot of money over renting a truck or hiring movers. You will just need to plan it out and factor how much gas you will need (add 1.5x the amount that the truck runs on normally since you will have a heavy load). If you will be making a multiple-day trip out of it, your cheapest bet is to check motel prices in different towns along your route and see what kind of deals you can find. This can actually save you quite a bit of money over just stopping at the first couple places you see and buying a room.

      Again, as I don’t know where you are coming from it is hard to say how the drive will be in the spring. If possible try to make it later in the spring to allow the winter snow and ice to melt off the roads. Other than that, just check the weather forecast for the areas you will be moving through a week ahead of the move so that you can prepare for anything major.

      However, all that being said, $6,000 sounds like a very healthy figure for the type of move and situation you are approaching. I hope this helps. Have a safe move to Colorado and make sure to check the weather before you leave! Good luck. 🙂

  • Hi,
    I am a single mother needing to move in a rush due to domestic violence reason. We are currently in washington and need to move states to keep us safe. Is there ever any companies that would do pro-bono moves??? I’m sure that it could be used to their advantage that they helped a mother and child. If not I must leave everything behind which will break my heart. We only have a compact car. We must move I just cannot afford a moving company and am scared to drive a big truck… I don’t know what to do. We have done very sentimental items and I’ve already relocated once but am being advised to move to another state. I could use any help, guidance, or resources. If there is a company that would do pro bono move I’m willing to write an article they can use on their page or write a column.. Of course I would not be able to show a picture to the world or explain details or names. I am a high risk fatality domestic violence survivor with a young child and only want to keep her safe. I’m open to any ideas… I cannot lift over 5-10lbs due to spine issues and I don’t want to lose my belongings. It’s not my fault that I was abused for years and have been forced to move. I have to protect my child and it is possible we may lose all our belongings due to this matter. I can get subsidized housing I just have no way to move our belongings. Don’t know what to do. Please give me guidance if there is any thing I can do. I hate asking for help and know I sound desperate, I kinda am desperate I don’t want to lose everything….

    • Wow, I am sorry to hear about your tight circumstances at the moment. I have been checking around and haven’t been able to find any actual moving companies that can offer what you are looking for. However, I did find an online charity website specifically aimed at helping victims of domestic violence safely relocate without worry and with protection. I did not have time to look into it in-depth but I think you should contact them first. The website/charity is called

      There are also websites online that offer crowd funding and public fundraising for anything and everything…and there are quite a few people out there who like to help and give back. Like I said I am not promising this will work but you can give it a try and explain your situation on your startup campaign as you did here with positivity, hope, and faith that things will work out. Here is a link to a Forbes article listing the top 10 crowd funding websites online – click here.

      If none of those are going to work for you, then you can always try posting an ad or 2 on craigslist explaining your situation and reaching out for some local help whether its money, a driver for the truck, or whatever else you may need. You will be surprised how many good people there are out there who will help. Maybe go reach out to some local church congregations before posting an online ad though because you will be able to meet them face to face and get a better idea of their character and demeanor. Also, ask them if there are any private charity organizations that they can recommend you to for some extra financial and planning support.

      The last option I can think of that could help would be getting a title loan, small personal loan, or reaching out to any family/friends that could possibly help you out. I’m sorry I really wish I had more to offer you in your time of need but I hope this helps and you are able to safely move your daughter and your possessions to your new destination without any issues. I will keep you in my prayers, good luck and God Bless!


  • Hi david

    I’m 25 y/o male moving from New Orleans to Seattle. I will be taking a sectional couch, a dining room table, queen size bed, a dresser, and a chest. Also about 13 boxes. I’m not exactly sure if i should rent a truck with a few friends or just hire someone. It is a pretty long distance. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

    • HI David,

      Thanks for coming here before your long move. I assume you are looking for the most affordable way to move so it’s easy. Fill out a free quote form here to find prices from 6 companies competing for your business. Then go to Budget and fill out a free quote form. See how much they are going to charge you for an extended rental based on mileage from New Orleans to Seattle. You will be the one responsible for the gas and that alone is very expensive. If you have friends to help you with everything though, that will still be the cheapest option overall. I hope your move goes well, enjoy the northwest!

      – David

  • I want to move to Florida with my husband and toddler we are currently in ny
    We don’t have much furniture but a big bed and room size tv. But the problem is we don’t have a place to stay out there we need to view apartments and our car needs fixing but we can’t road trip but we need to drive to view the apartments to. How can I do this safe and cheap!?

  • Hi,
    I’m looking to move from Tennessee to North Carolina.
    I’m 18 and i’m not to sure what im doing. I’m not taking any furniture at all. I’ll buy that when I get there.
    But exactly how much money should I have in mind before i make this move? And im always traveling with a dog?

    • Hi Faythe,

      Thanks for stopping by, however, I don’t know how much help I can be as my specialty and background is in the actual “moving” process. I know that the cheapest option to simply get a ticket from A to B is usually greyhound but if you are planning on taking a dog then I would recommend trying to find someone who will be willing to drive you and your dog and your possessions out there for a pre-arranged fee plus gas. Do you have any friends, family, or at least someone you can depend on enough for that? I wish you the best, have a safe move!


  • I’m moving from columbus ohio to brooklyn new york. I’m taking about 10-11 medium to small boxes. Basically just clothes art supplies and office supplies. No furniture. What is the best and cheapest way to transport my things? And who would you recommend?

    Regards, Victoria

    • Hi Victoria,

      Thanks for coming here to before your out of state move. For your particular situation, I would recommend renting an actual truck from a car rental supplier such as Budget, Avis, Rent-a-Car, etc and packing up your boxes in the back and driving yourself or if you can take a friend. That way you can ensure the safety of your boxes, it will be easy to get your stuff where you need to be, and then you can go drop it off and be through with the vehicle. It will be a much easier drive since you won’t need an actual moving truck because driving one for the first time in a city like NYC is crazy in itself haha. I hope this helps!

  • Oops. Forgot to add, the stuff that I plan to leave here in L.A. would get moved once my boyfriend buys the house. I’m assuming I could make arrangements from Portland with a moving company (using the quotes link on your site) to pick up from my neighbor’s garage or Public Storage. What do you recommend. Thanks again.

  • Hi. This is the best article I’ve found on the topic. Thank you. My boyfriend is already in Portland OR in an apartment. He plans on buying a house in about a year. I’m still in L.A. I have a dog. The plan is for me to put the 4 large pieces furniture and books and the majority of my things in storage here in L.A. There’s a chance a neighbor might let me use her garage for a fee less than Public Storage. I’d hire some guys to help move the heavy stuff to her garage next door. Otherwise stuff will need to go into Public Storage. I’d have to hire a local moving company to Public Storage. I’d like to bring about 10 medium boxes with kitchen stuff, clothes, jewelry, sentimental items, photography. Do I ship them or tow them in what I hope would be a small trailer (4×8?) behind my 2013 Toyota Corolla? Is that safe? I’ve only had my adult dog for a month and we’re still working on desensitizing her with the car. I can’t imagine she’d ever be ok in a truck so that we could tow my car. I’m on a fixed income and welcome any tips and modifications of the plan I’ve shared with you here. Thank you in advance!

  • To add to the packing with junk mail tip…I always pack my fragile items in tshirts/clothes. That way you’re not moving any trash, it really is just what you need.

  • Moving is the easy part for me, how is everyone finding a rental home? I’m having no luck since I am self employed and have no work history in the state I want to move to.

  • hiii David I’m moving on next month and am desperate because everything its so expensive I have 3 kids and I planed to move from Pennsylvania to North Carolina because a very best opportunity of job there I have a 3 bedroom house ur information its very helpful but I still don’t find something for my budget…

  • Hi David,
    I’m so glad I came across you site! I’m hoping I can get your advice on an upcoming move. My husband is graduating from a California medical school in May and will begin residency in Atlanta, GA this summer. We need to move our condo and we have some large furniture items like, queen bed w/ headboard, dressers/nightstands, couches, dining table, etc. in our 1 bdrm condo. We’re not getting any relocation assistance from the residency program for this move and unfortunately I’ve been laid off, so we have very little money for this move (especially since my husband is on financial aid). I received several quotes from moving companies which vary from flat rate quotes (which we prefer) and quotes based on weight and they range in price from $2500-7100! I wanted to know you option on receiving flat rate quotes vs. weight based quotes for cross country moves. Also, what should we be aware of in terms of any “hidden” costs with moving from moving companies. Additionally, what’s the cheapest way we can do this move ourselves? We also will be taking our 2 cars with us to Atlanta and have no family/friends who can help us with this move. My husband would like to do a Uhaul, but I think this move might be too taxing on us, since we have no help and will have to do everything ourselves. We looked at the Pods based moving companies, but our condo and HOA won’t allow us to have any Pods on the premises, so that’s out. Thanks so much and looking forward to your reply.

    • Hi Shanyia!
      Thank you for coming here to get your out of state moving tips! As for your question, first let me start by saying wow, you really came prepared with your information! I and I appreciate that! I can already tell you are going to make this move just fine no matter what you choose, I have faith in you! 🙂

      For your particular situation, I would say there are a couple of scenarios that would work for you. Have you thought of hiring a packing company or day labor company to fill up a Budget truck or Uhaul? Websites like and offer local help for hire to lift, pack, and load your trucks…all you would have to do is drive. You can get a tow package on any moving truck rental as well for your vehicle if you guys are comfortable doing that.

      As for your questions on hidden moving fees, flat-rate movers vs. pay-for-weight companies I would like to quote a fellow industry professional Carolyn Durkee:

      Cutting down costs starts before the first box is packed. When you call around to reserve a moving company, be sure you’re asking the right questions. Many movers will quote you less and add on additional costs such as double drive time, fuel charges, worker’s comp fees, etc. Be sure to ask moving companies how they charge and if these fees are included. Also in order to get the most accurate estimate possible, ask your mover to come to your house and do an in-home estimate prior to the move.

      That’s the best advice I can give you because I don’t know first-hand how each company operates or how they do business. Ask the right questions and read online reviews around the web on websites like, AMSA, and in addition to well-known websites like Yelp, Google, etc.

      Currently Budget Truck is running an incredible April 2014 special and you can get 20% off your total bill if you book before April 31st. It’s definitely worth a look.

      I hope I’ve helped you with your decision, and I wish you and your husband the best on your move to Atlanta! Take care!

  • Hey David! Thanks for the post. We’re lightly and yet carefully considering a move to Allentown, PA from Mesa, AZ. If we do it, we will have a barely two year old in tow… any thoughts on getting across the country with our belongings and baby?

    • Hi Sharon!

      I live in Mesa, AZ as well and I have a 1-year-old daughter but fortunately enough I haven’t had to move with her haha. As far as your question goes though, I actually plan to add a “moving with infants/toddlers” tips page but I haven’t found the time to write it up yet. Honestly, the same moving tips and advice apply that I’ve already covered throughout this website, with a few minor changes to make sure you accommodate your baby correctly. I found this site here to be pretty helpful for moving while caring for an infant. By the next time you need to move, I will definitely have that post finished up. I hope this helps you though, from one parent to another…good luck! 🙂

  • Your advice is great and I like how in depth you are. Definitely be sure to watch out with moving trucks. If the company doesn’t have the logo on the truck, take it as a red flag. Always make sure you’re hiring a reputable company.

    • Hi Ashley!

      Thanks for the great feedback and taking the time to read through my advice. You are absolutely right too with the tips you left because unfortunately, the moving industry has a dark side too, and there are companies who prey on people who don’t do their research!

    • Personally I am a fan of Budget rentals, so I would check with them. They offer car, truck, and moving truck rentals and have tons of locations around the country, in almost every state. Thanks for the question Deanna, good luck on your upcoming move!

  • Hi, my mom, dad, sister, brother and I may be moving this summer from east va to central Indiana with our several animals. We will most likely have several pieces of furniture and numerous boxes along with 2 cars. What is your suggestion?

    • Hi Chloe!

      Thanks for stopping by Cheap Moving Tips before you and your family move out of state. As for your question, my answer is simple: if you have the money then hire movers. First get free quotes from 6 different out of state movers to find out the price range you are dealing with. If you can afford hiring movers then proceed to choose the best state-to-state moving company for you. Make sure to do your homework and check online reviews of each company before making a choice.

      If you aren’t in the position to hire out of state movers then my recommendation is to read over all of the tips on this site. Reserve a truck rental well ahead of time and start planning, preparing, and packing for your move.

      I hope this helps you and your family out…thanks again for stopping by!

  • Thank you for the article. It helped me alot. I’m moving from LA, CA to dallas. I was wondering where is a good place to find free boxes? My last move was behind grocery stores but they stopped doing that. Any adcice. I have 5 months 😉

  • Thanks for the great article! I’m wondering if you have any tips when it comes to comparing apples to oranges with the different moving companies.

    For example, we’ve been given a quote of $2,200 to rent a 16′ trailer through PODS, $4,500 from a full service mover by how much feet of trailer we take up, and $2,200 from Mover Nation (we pack, they move. By weight only, “unlimited” space.. which I find hard to believe).

    And don’t even get me started on all the equations out there (i.e. 13′ of trailer space = X with a standard U-Haul)… gets a little confusing. 🙁 any tips?

    • Hi Erin,

      Unfortunately every out of state moving company structures their prices differently. I can tell you that the cheapest way to move out of the ones you mentioned would be to rent your own truck and do it yourself. Budget is almost always the cheapest of the different moving truck rental companies. Do some research around online about the difference between full service movers, “u-pack” movers, and PODS services to get a better understanding of what you will get for the quoted price. As always do your homework on each company before signing anything. Good luck with your move!

  • Great tips! When moving out of state you should only take what you need. It takes the stress away. It’s also very helpful to get help from long distance movers so it makes the transition a lot smoother.

  • Dear David,

    I am moving from Minneapolis,MN to Phoenix,AZ. I have very less stuff which all will be approx 800-1000 pounds. Below is the approximate list of items and their approx weight. can you please suggest what quote can be a best quote that i can consider for the moving.


    Item approx weight
    TV 70
    TV Stand 57
    Sofa 90
    Mattress 100
    Mattress Spring Box 60
    Dining Table 40
    computer table 10
    2 side tables 5
    1 work chair 20
    4 normal chairs 10
    4 Large Boxes 200
    vaccum cleaner 20

    • Hi Purush,

      To get the best quote, simply click here for our free quote form.. You will be contacted by up to 6 different moving companies in your area or nationwide that are able to service your out of state move and they will provide you with a free quote. Simply wait until you receive all 6 to find the cheapest rates. Make sure to do some homework on each company by checking reviews and any publicity about them. All of the state to state moving companies you will receive quotes from are fully licensed and insured. Good luck and happy moving!

  • Hi, David

    Thanks for your tips and it’s useful for me to spend less money on moving. I’m planning to move to NYC from LA, I do have around 20 boxes, but my problem is should ship my furniture too? like mattress and the bed frame. I’m going to move my stuffs by the vehicle moving company. Is that a good idea? Thanks a lot!

    • Hi Kami thanks for coming to for help. It all depends on how much your possessions are worth to you and the cost to move them. Large furniture takes up a lot of space and requires more money to move. You should go here to read more about what items you should move. If your large furnishings aren’t sentimental to you, then it would be a lot easier to sell them in LA and move lightly and buy new in NYC. Of course, everything is up to you and what you’re prepared to spend to get there. Good luck in the big apple!

  • Wow, some very great tips. Our problem is we are unsure of the dates we will be moving our household items from NW Alabama to Phoenix AZ. We have done a lot of throwing away and packing already and planned to take the bare minimum, pretty much what you suggested. U-haul seems the cheapest and pods nor upack come to rural Alabama. Such a quandry, we did get a quote from mover nation. Suggestions?

    • Hi Rita,

      Thanks for the great feedback! I’m glad these tips have been helpful for your upcoming move. As far as your question goes, I would recommend getting a quote from Budget truck rentals if you haven’t done so yet. You can Google “Budget truck coupons” and find a code for 20% off which almost always make their price lower than U-haul. If you are interested in finding an out of state moving company though, use our free quote form here to compare prices from as many as 6 qualified companies that can service your location. I hope this helps. I currently live in Phoenix, AZ and the weather is great right now.
      Good luck with your move and safe travels!

  • David, I am looking to make a move from Denver to southeast Texas, approximately 1,000 miles, within the next few months. Since I am 61 years old and will be making this move by myself, with my large parrot, I don’t want to drive a moving truck myself. I am on a fixed income, so I need the least expensive way possible. Is PODS a better option than a moving truck/company?
    Thank you

    • Hi Sherry,

      Thank you for stopping by here for tips before your move to Texas. As far as your question goes, PODS can be a cheaper option depending on their service areas and availability. However, sometimes an out of state moving company will be a cheaper option. All of these companies have to stay competitive in pricing or else they would be run out of business. I recommend getting free quotes here at from up to 6 out of state moving companies that can service your move, and then compare those prices to a quote from PODS directly.
      Good luck with your move!

  • Dear David,

    Thanks for a great post! I’m a recent college grad moving from LA to Chicago for my first job. The company’s giving me about $1500 for my move, so I wanted to ask you if I could afford to use a moving company with that price.

    Initially, I was thinking about just shipping clothes and other miscellaneous items (3-4 boxes max) and buying furniture in Chicago, but now I’m reconsidering whether I should buy furniture (full-sized bed mattress, a small dresser potentially, and small dining table) here, and then use the moving company.

    Thanks in advance for your response! And Happy Holidays 🙂

    • Thanks for the great comments and holiday wishes Jenny 🙂

      Congrats on your new job in Chicago! I’m sorry you’ll be moving there from sunny LA in the winter though haha…buy some warm clothes!

      As for your question, the best way to tell is to go here to get free moving quotes from up to 6 state-to-state moving companies. Select “studio” for the size since that is the smallest option. Compare the free moving quotes to find the cheapest rates available from competing out of state movers. If all of the quotes are higher than $1500, then you’ll probably want to go with plan A. Either way I wish you the best on your move and the start of your new career!

      Happy Holidays!

  • Do you have any tips for a couple moving across country with no job or apartment at our destination?

    I have a great resume and have considered temp agencies and feel I ca find a job fairly quickly. But the housing situation has me on edge… do you have any suggestions?

    • Hello Heather,

      Thanks for stopping by for your state-to-state moving help!

      As far as your question goes, my answer is more of a spiritual one than a technical one. I would say that if a big move across the country is calling to you, then do as much mental and monetary preparations and calculations as you can… and then take that leap of faith.

      The universe helps those who help themselves, so by making that commitment to move and put yourself in a new situation, I feel like faith and confidence in who you are and where you are going will help you get that new job and help things naturally just fall into place. Try to keep an open mind because things will not always go as you expect them, but that doesn’t mean it’s for the worse. Simply embrace the random and hope for the best, knowing you are exactly where you need to be. Don’t lose sight of your goals and most importantly stay positive! That is just my belief from personal experiences with life and the law of attraction. I hope this helps.

      For more quality tips about cheap ways to move across the country, I recommend this website:

      I wish you the best of luck and safe travels on your move across the country…just remember to HAVE FAITH!!!

      Happy Holidays 🙂

  • Dear Mr. David Johnson,


    I will move from Indianapolis to Columbus. This is first time to move out of state, so I do not I have to sell all my furniture or I can bring several things. I absolutely want to bring my upright piano, except that, I need your advice because of my short budget.
    This is the furniture list I want to bring and these are not expensive.

    Queen size bed 1
    Double size bed 2
    Ikea drawer 2
    Dinning Table 1, Chairs 4
    Staples Bookshelf 2
    Lego table 1

    Please help me whether I need to sell these here, or I can bring these.

    Thank you very much and have a good holiday season.


    E.J. Park

    • Thanks for stopping by before your move EJ!

      Since you aren’t moving too far away (more than 1 days drive), I would recommend renting a cheap moving truck. Moving out of state to Columbus with a medium-sized (15-17′) moving truck from one of the companies listed above will likely be your cheapest option. Since you are keeping your piano, you are going to need some kind of truck to get it to Ohio. If there are any beds or furniture that are hardly used or needed, then you should definitely downsize though! I hope this is what you were looking for and I wish you a safe (and cheap) move out of state!

      Happy holidays 🙂

  • Thank you David for your tips.
    I am planning a move from Houston, TX to Kansas City, MO. What do you think is the most cost efficient if the only “big furniture” I have is a queen size bed&frame and a 40in. TV? Should I just buy these things in Kansas City instead of spending it on moving truck services? Thanks.

    • Hi Jessica!

      Thanks for stopping by before your move! As for your question, I would say unless that bed frame is irreplaceable or that bed is the best you’ve ever had, then you would be better off selling them before your move. That will save you renting your own moving truck or the cost of shipping them. Just buy them new with the money you make/saved on moving expenses.

      Good luck on your move to Kansas City!

  • Your article has been very useful and it gives great options!
    I am moving with my 3 years old son from Northwest Indiana to Sanford, Florida around the middle if this December. I am considering your suggestion about selling the big furniture and try to travel light. My concern is about my car. I don’t have anybody to help me drive down there so I will have to do it by myself with my little boy. Any suggestions about how to get the car over there?

    Thank you for taking the time to help!
    Maria A.

    • Thank you for stopping by Maria! I’m glad you have found these out of state moving tips helpful in planning for your move.

      As for your question, my recommendation would be renting your own moving truck from Budget, Penske, or Uhaul, and adding a “car-tow” option to your package. This way you will be able to simply hook up your car to the back with two wheels on the road, and you can move it yourself without having to drive it. If you aren’t comfortable towing your car behind a moving truck, then I recommend either selling it off and buying a new one in Sanford or shipping it with a car transport service (which can be pretty expensive). I hope this helps.

      Good luck on your move to Florida!

  • Tip number 1 is key! Don’t be a dummy and move all your junk with you. I only did this once before I learned it. My favorite way of getting rid of all my junk is to take it to the local swap meet. They charge about $25 bucks but I pretty much sell everything in one shot, it’s beautiful.

    • Thanks for the great idea Mark! There are a lot of swap meets here in AZ and I honestly never thought of using one for a moving sale. $25 seems like a cheap price for getting rid of everything in one day! I appreciate you taking the time to add your helpful input for people seeking advice on cheaply moving out of state here. Cheers!

  • Hey David, myself, husband and younger brother-in-law are planning to move next May 2014 from Georgia back to Florida where I’m from. How soon should I start packing. I have 7 months roughly, would packing now be too soon?


    • Thanks for stopping by Becca!

      As for your question, I recommend starting preparations 3 months in advance of the move. However, it never hurts to start earlier, especially if there are things you are sure you will not be needing between now and the move. Now is also a good time to start thinking about things you don’t need to keep and start setting them aside. Before you know it that pile may be large enough to hold a garage sale! Make some extra money selling off unnecessary items locally or online and donate anything else you don’t want. It never hurts to start organizing and making a list of things to do before the move. Just remember, the more preparation and organization you put into moving, the less chaos and stress you will have to deal with during crunch time! I hope this helps and good luck with your moving preparations! 🙂

  • Great article! The first to do is find the best moving rate and move from there. You’re right that we should only take what we need and just plan way in advance. Thanks for sharing!

  • I am in a similar situation as Sarah S., moving out of state but taking very little. Will take a couch, loveseat, media stand, and queen bed with frame, and about 30-40 boxes ranging in size. What do you recommend for that? I got quotes from two men and a truck, it’s nearly $2500 which seems high.

    • Hi Holly,

      Thanks for visiting the site! In your case, since you are traveling so light, I would recommend renting a budget truck and moving if that is possible. If you can get a family member or friend to help, that would be ideal.

      If moving yourself is out of the question, then I recommend getting free quotes here at and choosing a company to move you.

      If that is too expensive, then you should consider selling off your furniture and buying them new at your destination. That way you will be able to travel light in a car, Amtrak, or Greyhound.

      I hope this helps you and I wish you the best on your move out of state!

  • This article has brought a few things to my attention that I hadn’t thought of before and has helped, but I was just curious because my boyfriend and I are waiting until I’m finished with college before we move and we live in New York and want to move to South Carolina, but what amount of money do you think we should have saved up? We want an apartment for about $600 a month, (we have seen that that’s an average price for the size apartment we want). Any rough estimate would be appreciated. Thanks

  • David,

    I’m moving from Washington State to Illinois and not taking any furniture. I will have about 15 boxes I’m guessing. My sister is driving back with me, but my car isn’t big enough to put in 15 boxes. What would you recommend?

    • Hi Sarah,

      In your case, I would recommend shipping whatever you can’t fit with either Amtrack Express ( or the USPS for the cheapest rates on state-to-state shipping. Try to take the heavier items with you in the car to keep the weight (and price) as low as possible. Amtrak allows 3 50lb boxes I believe per person. I hope this helps.

      Good luck with your move!

  • You can avoid a lot of stress and strain by planning ahead. This article gives a lot of great tips. From organizing to only taking what you need. Many moving companies, such as, All My Sons, will help you through the entire process of moving so that you can enjoy peace of mind and a swift moving experience.

  • what is the best way to move a family of 5 plus 2 dogs? i see this is going to be a challenge. Don’t know where to start. We are moving from Las vegas, NV to Puyallup, WA. Please help.

    • Hi Calcia,
      Well moving is always a big task and it sounds like you’ve really got a “full house”. I’d say the first thing to do is decide the logistics of everything. Figure out what your moving budget is and then plan accordingly. If you are going to hire movers, then I recommend getting free quotes here at to find the best prices from licensed, reliable movers. If you don’t have the money to hire movers, however, then you’re going to be in for a lot more work. I recommend renting a truck from Budget because they are almost always the cheapest rental agency. Figure out how big of a truck you’ll need first though! Then read my hub “Cheap Ways To Move Across The Country” for more information about saving money on your move. I hope that helps and that you’re moving experience goes smooth. Thanks for stopping by. Cheers!

  • Hi guys I would like to ask did you do removal from Perth to Sydney I have some hold house?
    And what about the price?

      • hi my name is gabriel and me and my brother are planning on moving from Louisiana to Atlanta ga its 8 hours away from my city and I was wondering what’s the best way to tackle this?

        • Hi Gabriel,

          Thanks for stopping by the site before your move to Atlanta. I think if you read through this entire article as well as my responses to previous comments below that you will be able to figure out the cheapest way to move your stuff. I don’t really know what you are working with and what needs to be transported so I can’t really help with specifics other than what I’ve already written. I hope you have a smooth, safe, and cheap move to Georgia!