8 Ways To Find A Job In Another State

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Moving to a new place is hectic enough as it is, but trying to find a job in another state can make for some serious stress. Whether you’re looking for a job before or after you move out of state, finding a job in a new city is as easy as following these straightforward tips.

#1 – Build A Network

build-your-professional-networkSocial media is a useful tool for connecting with others across the globe, but it can also help you find a job.

If you know the area of town or city you’ll be moving to beforehand, you can connect with businesses you’re interested in working for, particularly in your field.

Building a professional relationship with potential employers before moving to your new city will make it easier and quicker to find a job, saving you the trouble of spending your savings on the first month or so of rent.

Social Media Networks To Use For Job Hunting Out-Of-State

  • LinkedIn – Connect with businesses and professionals in your industry around the world!  Great tool for business networking.
  • Twitter – Twitter is a more informal way to find and stay up-to-date with businesses and potential employers in real-time.
  • Facebook – The largest social network on the planet…check out groups and pages related to your industry.
  • Google Plus – Google+ is a great platform for people in tech-related fields to network and communicate.  Follow leaders in your industry in the area you hope to move to and build connections ahead of time.

#2 – Get A Local Address

get-a-local-address-for-employmentEmployers are more likely to hire someone local vs. out-of-state, so make that work for you.

Some businesses may not be eager to hire someone that’s currently hundreds of miles away. One way around this is to put your new address on your resume if you know it. You may not be living there yet, but if you’ve signed all the paperwork and it’s registered under your name, you might as well use it.

Having a local address on your resume instantly gives your chances of landing the job a boost. You can also purchase a commercial mailbox and have your mail forwarded to you if you don’t yet have a permanent residence set up.

#3 – Do Your Research

job_hunting_before_movingCheck into the major industries that operate in your prospective area and see if they are hiring people with your qualifications.

Big cities typically have a wide variety of career opportunities, but what if the area you live in is far away from any jobs you’re qualified for?

What if you’re moving to a smaller town with fewer job options?

Researching the area before you commit to buying a home there will let you know exactly what you’re getting into. The local Chamber of Commerce or City Hall should be able to give you some information on local industry and what jobs are in high demand and what industries are popular in the area.

If you find that the town or city you hope to move to doesn’t have any career options you’re interested in, you may want to consider another location more catered to your specific industry or profession.

#4 – Pay For Your Own Relocation

paying for your relocation expensesCompanies are more willing to help relocate current employees than they are fresh recruits.

This may seem a “no-brainer”, but businesses can incur a lot of costs associated with relocating new or current employees. This is to cover any fees associated with moving, such as travel accommodations, food and new housing supplies.

Make sure to mention in your cover letter that you will pay for everything yourself. This lets the employer know that they don’t have to worry about shelling out extra cash just to hire you.

#5 – Understand Your New City

understand-your-new-cityWhen budgeting for living expenses, it’s a good idea to take into account the average salaries and tax codes of your new city.

A general understanding of how the local economy works and how much you’ll have to earn to make a living will not only assist in the budgeting process, but it will give you a better idea of what salary you should ask for. Although a full-time job at your favorite local coffee shop may sound wonderful, you won’t be so happy when you find out that it doesn’t pay the bills. You need to know how much money you will need to make before you start trying to find a job in another state.

Research your chosen industry to figure out the cost of living  in your new state ahead of time so that you don’t find out the hard way after moving!

#6 – Use Online Job Sites

online-websites-for-out-of-state-employmentPopular job sites can be both a lifesaver and a time-saver.

The internet is usually the best place for finding job listings and career opportunities available in other states. A lot of businesses have started listing job opportunities primarily on the internet rather than in the paper. Ads in the newspaper can get very expensive, and a lot of job sites are either free to list or have a small monthly fee for employers.

Try using the search to target a specific zip code, region or state. These job hunting websites typically have filters that allow you to narrow down your choices by type and salary range so that you don’t have to sift through hundreds of options that won’t work for you.

Top Premium Job Sites For Out-of-State Employment Opportunities

  • Jobing.com – Popular premium website for searching job openings in all industries with great search filters.
  • Monster.com – Another popular choice for people seeking out-of-state employment opportunities in all industries.  Upload your resume to the site and apply to various jobs directly from the website.
  • Indeed.com – A third option very similiar to the other 2 websites with a very large database of up-to-the-minute job openings and listings by employers around the country.

Top Free Websites For Finding Job Listings In Other States

  • Craigslist.org – One of the largest and most-popular places online to find city-specific job openings ranging from basic hourly jobs to industry-specific career opportunities.
  • Snagajob.com – USA’s largest hourly employment network with job listings in every industry around the country.
  • USAjobs.gov – Browse & search through thousands of employment opportunities and job listings in all branches of the federal government.

#7 – Sign Up For Mailing Lists

sign-up-for-mailing-listsMailing lists are a great way to stay up-to-date with new job openings in another city or state.

If the area you’re planning to move to doesn’t currently have any open jobs you want, you can always sign up for mailing lists to be notified of new jobs in the area. This saves you the hassle of checking back every day for new listings. These lists are usually sent out through email, but some snail mail lists might be available as well.

If you aren’t sure how to find mailing lists, do some research online. There are also national mailing lists that could be of use to you, especially if you haven’t decided where you’re moving yet.

#8 – Ask Your Friends And Family

ask-around-for-employment-opportunitiesThe best way to get into your chosen profession is to know someone.

This may seem like a sleazy tactic to some, but it happens more frequently than people know. It could be that your uncle owns a business in the area you’re moving to, or you could contact a friend that works at a local business.

Do a broad search and put out all the “feelers” you can in your job search.

Let your friends and family know that you’re looking for a job in that area. They may know someone that would want to hire you, and they can give an excellent recommendation to boot.  Remember that often times in life it’s “not WHAT you know, but WHO you know” that makes all the difference. Finding a job in another state is no different.  Pull some strings, tap some wells, and call in some favors if you have to.

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Final Thoughts About How To Get A Job In Another State

If you put these 8 ways to find a job in another state to good use, you will more likely than not be living in the place you seek to move earning a livable wage this time next year.  Remember that action through intent makes the magic event, meaning that if you put enough directed energy and faith into finding a job in a new city or state, that eventually the universe will have no choice but to grant your wish.

Once you get hired and find employment, make sure you know the cheapest ways to move out of state!

In the words of Journey, “DON’T STOP BELIEVING!”

ways to find a job in another state

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4 thoughts on “8 Ways To Find A Job In Another State”

  1. I agree there is a lot to consider when moving to another state for a good job. and taking the risk will make a huge change in your life make sure you are mentally and emotionally prepared and focus to keep you going.

    1. Hi Sabio! You are definitely right when it comes to taking the leap of faith and moving to another state for a new job. If you are willing to take the risk, work hard, and keep your focus then hopefully it will pay off and you will find your fresh start. It could be exactly what you need though. It has worked wonders for me in the past when I was feeling like I was in a slump. Good luck!

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