CheapMovingTips.com is a blog created in 2012 with the intention of helping people learn how to move and save money.

At the time, it was hard to find any REPUTABLE moving tips online among the sea of spam from moving companies and their marketing efforts.

After testing the space and posting a few well-researched, high-quality articles aimed to actually HELP people, instead of SELL people, it became clear that people found VALUE in the website.

Since then, we’ve only been building on our content, and our BRAND. Hundreds, sometimes thousands, of people visit our website everyday to learn how to plan and budget their move.

Moving, whether locally or long distance, is a pretty big task to plan and prepare for, and it is something that most people don’t do very often. Due to this fact, its easy to be unaware of the many different moving services that are actually available to you to choose from, or the potential ways to save money along the way.

We made a place where people could find the information they were looking for, instead of the information that the big industry players were paying to place in front of them.

Because of our commitment to providing value online, and putting the readers first, our website, articles, posts, and guides have been the go-to information for MILLIONS of people in the USA since 2012!

Our posts are constantly being shared, referenced, liked, and featured all around the web!

Examples include people like:

  • Professional real estate agents looking to help their buyers/sellers
  • universities helping their new students cut costs
  • bloggers who cite our posts for reference and authority
  • movers who share our tips
  • and happy readers through social media

We have produced some of most viral, shared, and well-liked content in the moving industry, and we don’t plan to stop!

Our mission is different, and people can tell. We genuinely want to help.

And as long as people continue to look for quality moving tips online, CheapMovingTips.com will doing our BEST to provide the accurate, unbiased, and up-to-date information they are looking for!

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