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7 Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State (2021) Ultimate Edition

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Are you looking for the cheapest way to move out of state? 

I know the struggle of trying to find a moving option that meets your needs and your budget.  It can feel overwhelming and hopeless at times.

Or at least that’s how it used to be…until I made this list of 7 cheap ways to move out of state!

I’ve also included tons of pro tips, coupons, and strategies to save you money and avoid problems along the way.

Let’s get started.

7 Cheap Ways To Move Out Of State - CheapMovingTips.com

Here are the top 7 cheapest ways to move out of state in 2021

  1. Take The Bus
  2. Moving By Train
  3. Rent A Small Tow Trailer
  4. Rent A Pick-Up Truck
  5. Cheap Moving Truck Rentals
  6. Use A Moving Container (POD)
  7. Find Affordable Movers Here

STOP! Before you read any further…

I strongly suggest that you take one minute to use our free deal finder tool.

Provide us with a few quick details about your move to receive free, no-obligation estimates from up to 6 companies best-matched to move you.  We’ll make sure you find any deals, discounts or promotional offers that you may have missed otherwise.

Even if you don’t find the deal you were hoping for, you will still learn the price you need to beat with another moving option.  It’s a win-win situation that can save you hundreds, or possibly even thousands, on your move.

Click here to find affordable movers in your area!

Now that you know the price you need to beat by another method, its time to learn about the ways you can do that.

#1 – Take The Bus

The Cheapest Way To Move Out of State - Take The Bus

Taking the bus is the cheapest way to move out of state if you don’t have many possessions. 

If you can stay under 250lbs of stuff to move, and you don’t have any bulky furniture or large boxes, then this is your best bet for moving cheaply!  For tickets, availability, limits and restrictions, visit the Greyhound website.

Benefits of moving by bus

  • It’s the cheapest way to move out of state without furniture.
  • You can move up to 250lbs of stuff with you.
  • Once you are on the bus, you can relax and enjoy the trip!

Additional costs, limits and restrictions

  • You are limited to 250lbs of luggage and small boxes.
  • It’s not a reliable way to move furniture and larger items.
  • You cannot take your pets on the bus.
  • It’s not possible to move your vehicle(s) this way.
  • Boxes tend to get tossed around and stuffed in, so pack accordingly.
  • You’ll need to get your stuff to and from the station.
  • There are a lot of stops, so plan accordingly for a long travel time, food, and overnights.

More tips for moving out-of-state on a bus

  • moving-by-busCheck with Greyhound for size and weight restrictions ahead of time.
  • Make sure that there is a bus route from your current home town to your new town or city.
  • Decide how you will get your stuff to and from the bus station. (Uber, Lyft, taxi, friends and family)
  • Safely pack your fragile items to protect them during the move.

#2 – Take The Train For Scenic Savings

Cheap Way to Move - Take The Train For Scenic Savings

Moving out-of-state by train is one of the cheapest ways to move to a different state. 

While the cost is still higher than moving by bus (on average), you are able to move more stuff with you by train.

Currently, Amtrak allows you to ship 500lbs per day from station-to-station.  If you have more than 500lbs of stuff, you can break your stuff up into multiple loads.  Make sure to pick up your stuff at the station within 48 hours of delivery to avoid extra storage fees.

Benefits of moving by train

  • It’s much cheaper than moving yourself or hiring someone to do it.
  • You are allowed to ship 500lbs of luggage and boxes per day.
  • Amtrak allows 1 cat or dog (under 20lbs) for $25 extra. *restrictions apply
  • It’s a scenic and memorable experience.

Additional costs, limits and restrictions

  • Stations are limited, so make sure to check if this is a viable option.
  • You are responsible for getting your stuff to and from your home to the station.
  • They do not allow pets on trips longer than 7 hours travel time.
  • You cannot move your vehicle(s) this way.
  • The train is not a good choice for over-sized boxes or furniture.
  • Boxes and luggage are NOT handled with care, so pack accordingly!
  • Frequent stops make for longer travel time.

More tips for moving out-of-state on a train

  • amtrakUse extra padding for breakable items to keep them safe.
  • Plan your overnight accommodations ahead of time.
  • Make sure you have a way to get your stuff home from the station.
  • Take food and snacks with you to cut down on food costs.
  • Check with Amtrak ahead of time for any additional fees and restrictions.

#3 – Rent A Moving Trailer And Tow It

Cheap Way To Move #3 - Rent A Moving Trailer And Tow It

If you have a vehicle with a tow package and trailer hitch, then this is one of the cheapest ways to move a small load!

Do you have just a little too much to move using your vehicle alone?  If so, then renting a small trailer for your out-of-state move might be the cheapest solution.  Just make sure you have the correct tow package and power to pull one.

This is a great way to move a few bulky items that you couldn’t take with you otherwise.  Check with U-haul for sizes and availability in your area.

Benefits of renting a tow trailer to move

  • It’s significantly cheaper than renting a moving truck or storage pod.
  • You can move in the comfort of your own vehicle.
  • You can take larger boxes and furniture that won’t fit in your vehicle.

Additional costs, limits and restrictions

  • You will need a vehicle with a tow package and hitch.
  • It can be difficult to find a trailer for rent in some areas.
  • Large couches, refrigerators, washer/dryer, etc probably won’t fit.

More tips for moving out-of-state with a trailer

  • Cheap Way To Move To Another State #3 - Rent a trailer and tow itMake sure everything is secure to avoid shifting and sliding.
  • Choose gas stations that are easy to pull your trailer through.
  • Practice backing up and making wider turns to avoid accidents.
  • Make sure to get optional insurance to cover any damage.
  • Slow down over speed bumps and curbs.
  • Secure the door with a pad-lock to deter thieves.
  • Think about temperature-sensitive items before you leave.
    • Winter – Liquid items stored back there can freeze easily.
    • Summer – Items can melt or com-bust under excessive heat.

#4 – Rent A Pick-Up Truck For Small Loads

Cheap Way To Move #4 - Rent A Pick-Up Truck For Small Loads

One of the cheapest ways to move a small load in one day.

Renting a pick-up truck to move out of state works for people who can move a small load in one day.  If you will need more than one day to move, then this will become expensive quickly.   For anyone who can load up their belongings in the back and move in one day, check into this before overspending!

Benefits of renting a pick-up for moving

  • It’s cheaper than renting a moving truck for one day.
  • You can move a small load pretty easy.
  • You can fit more people or pets in the cab than a moving truck.
  • They are comfortable to travel in.

Additional costs, limits, and issues

  • It’s expensive if you need more than 1 day to move.
  • There is no insurance for your stuff, so be careful!
  • You will need straps, stretch cords, or rope to tie everything down.
  • Rain, wind or sun damage can occur when your stuff is exposed.
  • You need to lift everything into the back without a ramp.

More tips for moving with a pick-up truck

  • Cheap Way To Move #4 - Rent a pick-up truck and driveMake sure everything is properly strapped down and cannot move.
  • Cover anything in the back that you don’t want dirty or wet.
  • Check and tighten straps every time you stop.

#5 – Rent The Cheapest Moving Truck

Cheap Way To Move #5 - Find The Cheapest Moving Truck Rental And Drive

Renting a moving truck and doing all the work yourself is the cheapest way to move out of state with furniture.

That being said, it is also the most exhausting, stressful, and accident-prone way to move.  If you have more boxes and furniture than would fit in a truck or small trailer, and you don’t have the money to hire movers, then this is your best choice for a tight budget. That is because you will be doing ALL of the packing, loading, driving, and unloading on your own.

Benefits of renting a moving truck

  • It’s the cheapest way to move a household with furniture.
  • You can move 1 vehicle behind you if you get the proper truck & tow package upgrade.
  • Your stuff will get to your new home the same time you do.

Additional costs and issues with moving truck rentals

  • You will have to pay for all the gas, which can add up very quickly.
  • Insurance is an optional upgrade that you should always purchase.
  • You will be financially responsible for damages that aren’t insured.
  • Accidents can happen very easily during lifting, driving, and unloading.
  • There are only 2 or 2 1/2 seats per truck!
  • Trucks don’t have a rear-view mirror, so be careful backing up!
  • Moving long distances in a rental truck is not fun or comfortable.
  • These trucks really get blown around by strong wind gusts, so be aware.
  • Many trucks have speed governors that top out at 65mph
  • Furniture will shift and slide and break if you don’t pack properly.
  • The AM/FM radio and bad speakers almost make the drive worse.
  • Driving in crowded cities and trying to park can be a nightmare.
  • Costs are higher when school is out. (weekends/holidays/summer)

More tips for moving out of state with a rental truck

  • Moving Truck RentalKeep the gas tank full.  Don’t let it get too low through sparsely populated states.
  • Always purchase insurance to avoid outrageous damage fees!
  • Make sure to note any dents, scratches, or imperfections with the rental company before leaving the lot so you don’t get charged for them.
  • Drive VERY slow over speed bumps and curbs to avoid damaging your stuff.
  • Ask friends and family to help you load and unload the truck.
  • Make sure to pad your furniture and electronics to keep them safe.
  • Get a thick lock for the back to deter thieves.
  • Pack your big and heavy stuff low, and lighter stuff up high for the best results.
  • Don’t leave room on the floor for things to slide around.
  • Move during a week when school is in session for cheaper deals.
  • Take your time and don’t rush things.

All of these things should be factored into your total moving costs before choosing the “cheapest” way to move out of state.  Believe me when I say that the extra time, stress and effort it takes can really make you wish you would have hired the professionals.

#6 – Portable On-Demand Storage (Moving Containers)

Cheap Way To Move #6 - Portable On-Demand Storage (Moving Pods)

This is an affordable option for people who are okay with doing the hard work, but don’t want to drive.

Moving PODS (portable on-demand storage units) have become a happy medium between full-service movers and moving truck rentals.  While they are still more expensive than renting a truck, they will save you the added stress of driving.  You will still be responsible for all of the heavy furniture lifting, packing, and loading unless you choose to hire help for that as well.

How moving pod rentals work

  1. A moving pod company will drop off a portable container to your address.
  2. You will be responsible for securely loading it up with all of your stuff.
  3. When you’re finished, the company will come back and load it up on their truck.
  4. They will drive it to your new home and drop it off.
  5. You will be responsible for unloading everything there.
  6. Once it is unloaded, they will come pick up the empty container.  That’s it!

Benefits of using a moving pod to move out of state

  • You don’t have to drive a large truck full of stuff.
  • It’s slightly cheaper (on average) than full-service movers.
  • You and your family (and pets) can enjoy the ride together in your own vehicle.
  • In some cases, you can share a container with others for even more savings.

Additional costs, limits, and issues with moving containers

  • Rental locations and availability can be scarce depending on your area which makes things very expensive on your end.
  • There can be drop-off restrictions for apartment complexes and inner city areas, so make sure to ask about those ahead of time.
  • You will need to do all the packing, lifting, and loading labor yourself if you want to save money over hiring movers.
  • Costs are higher when school is out. (weekends/holidays/summer)

More tips for renting a moving pod

  • portable moving containerMake sure to pack the container wall-to-wall to make sure your stuff doesn’t slide around.
  • Contact your apartment complex or building owner to discuss drop-off dates.
  • Check for  low cost out-of-state moving companies here first to see how much you can even save this way.
  • Move during the week when school is in session for the lowest rates.
  • Ask friends and family to help you load and unload.

I recommend using u-Pack for all moving pod rentals. They have the 2nd largest network of locations in the USA (next to U-haul) and their prices are hard to beat.

Don’t commit to a moving pod company until you check option #7 first!

#7 – Find Affordable Movers Here

Cheap Way To Move #7 - Find Affordable State-To-State Movers With This Free Tool

Finding the cheapest state-to-state moving company is the easiest way to save hundreds on your move!

I know you might be thinking  “I can’t afford to hire movers David, that’s why I’m here!“.  Before you jump to that conclusion, let me explain why this can be the best option of all.

It’s quick, it’s FREE, and you can compare no-obligation estimates from up to 6 out-of-state movers in one place!

How to find the best deal on out-of-state movers:

  1. Click here to fill out our short form with a few basic details about your move. (Takes less than 1 minute)
  2. Our system will compare and match you with all the moving companies available to move you in your area for the dates you select.  They will each provide you with a free, no-obligation estimate for you to compare.
  3. Choose the moving company with the lowest rates, or use that price as your price to beat by other means. It’s that easy!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I trust the moving companies I receive free quotes from?

Yes! All of the local and long distance moving companies in our network are properly licensed and fully insured to do business in the USA.

We only allow reputable movers to join our network after a thorough screening  and verification process.

You will only be matched with the movers in our network that are qualified to service your move based on the details and dates you provide.

Can I really find cheap out-of-state movers?

Yes and no.

The word “cheap” is based on perspective.  Moving out-of-state, for most people here, is an expensive task no matter the method they choose to take.

What we offer is a quick and easy way to find the cheapest out-of-state movers available for your move.  We do this by comparing costs from multiple companies in one place to find you the best deal possible!

We have successfully matched over 100,000 people with affordable moving companies since 2012.

Why are some movers so much cheaper than others?

interstate moving truck


More competition means cheaper prices and better deals.

By making state-to-state movers compete directly for your business, they are forced to lower their rates or lose potential customers.

It is normal practice for a moving company that needs more business to run a big discount special that significantly undercuts the rest of the pack.

If you get approached by a moving company for a direct quote, they have no incentive to give you the cheapest deal they can.  Instead, you will find yourself in a high-pressure sales pitch with the intent to make you commit to them on the spot for the highest price they can squeeze out of you.

When you choose CheapMovingTips.com to get your free moving estimates, we make sure that all of the available moving companies in your area compete with each other for your business.  This always results in lower costs, zero pressure, and a much better overall experience for you the consumer.

It takes less than one minute to get your free quotes and know the best deals available from the movers in your area.

Click here to find low cost out-of-state movers now!

Benefits of comparing long distance movers

  • The easiest way to save HUNDREDS, or possibly more, on your move.
  • It is cheaper than POD/container service in many instances.
  • It’s quick and FREE to find the cheapest deals available for your move
  • Movers are trained professionals who know how to safely move your stuff.
  • Moving companies must be fully bonded and insured. They will reimburse you for any damages or accidents that may occur.
  • It’s by far the most relaxing, stress-free way to move out of state!
  • Zero high-pressure sales pitches
  • Compare the costs and benefits of each company at your leisure to ensure you make the best decision for your move

Additional costs, limits, and restrictions

  • On average, movers cost more than other DIY options, but not always!
  • Costs are higher when school is out. (weekends/holidays/summer)
  • Check with each company to see if they move specialty items, such as:
    • baby and grand pianos
    • large gun safes (or any other large safe)
    • pool tables
    • hot tubs
    • house plants
    • anything else that is extremely heavy or bulky

Don’t miss a deal that is too good to pass up because you didn’t take the time to check! 

If the difference in price is only a hundred dollars between hiring movers or doing everything yourself, then what’s really the cheapest way to move to you?

The extra time, stress, and labor that other DIY moving options require are no joke.

Click here to check the cost of out-of-state movers now!

7 Cheap Ways To Move Out-of-State (2021 Edition) - CheapMovingTips.com

Now you know your out-of-state moving options!

I’ve covered 7 cheap ways to move out of state for every situation you may be facing

Take some time to think it over, and choose the option that best fits your needs and your budget.

Good luck with your upcoming move!

If you have any questions, please leave them below in the comments section and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.


Remember to get your free out-of-state moving quotes here to potentially save hundreds, or even thousands on your move!

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  • Great advice. This actually helped me figure out how im gonna to move to back to tx from denver next month.

  • Im hoping to find a company that will come load everything and take it to my destination. For a reasonable price.

    • Hi Joanna,

      That’s pretty much our specialty here! We have partnered with with thousands of licensed & insured movers across the country to be able to provide our services here. We will match you with up to 6 of the most qualified movers for your job and provide free quotes for you to view and compare at your leisure. To get started, go here: Free Moving Quotes

      Thanks for choosing CheapMovingTips.com as your place to find affordable out-of-state movers!

  • I have about 15 boxes (medium size box) of items need to move from Boulder,CO to Portland, OR.
    I do not have strength to carry these items, hence I need the movers come to pick up the boxes and deliver to Portland my room.
    Please help to advice what is the cheapest and most reliable way to do this.

    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Robert,

      I’d say your best bet is to check for the cheapest movers by getting your free quotes here. Then I’d recommend comparing the lowest price you receive there to a quote from U-pack along with local labor to help you move everything. Then, between those options, you can make your decision based on price and service. I hope your move to Portland, OR is a success!

  • Thank you David for sharing these excellent and helpful moving tips. I will recommend this to all my friends who need moving tips. Well done 🙂

  • David one of the companies is Transworld Van Lines INC, not Transworld Van Lines in Florida. Do you know if this is a legitimate company? I have read different reviews and some posted on the BBB aren’t good at all. They only accept cash or ACH, which is really risky, and a little bit concerning in this day and age. I see good reviews in some places, but there’s no way to tell if they are legit. I know the really bad complaints appear to be legit and fall in line with what I’ve been told so far.

    • Hi April,

      Thanks for choosing CheapMovingTips.com as your place to find the most affordable out-of-state movers. We guarantee that all movers in our network are properly licensed and insured companies. We do our best to deliver high-quality, low-cost results. That being said, we match quotes from thousands of local, regional, and long-distance moving companies across the USA. We do not keep track of reviews, we just make sure all of the movers have their proper paperwork, licensing, and insurance in order to qualify for our network. We strongly suggest doing the homework on each moving company you are matched with to get a better feel for each company before making a decision. If you don’t feel good about one of the companies, I recommend that you follow your instinct. Chances are that its right! The BBB, Yelp, and Google are the best places to do your research. Good luck finding the perfect movers for your budget!

  • Hey David I’m planning on moving from Ms to Wa state i have maybe 3 large boxes for sure but debating if i am taking my daughters’ twin sized bunk beds. Could you give me an idea of what would be the best option for me if i choose to take their beds as well if i choose not to take them. Thanks in advance and great article by the way. 🙂

    • Hi Chelsea,

      Thanks for great feedback on this post! I’m glad I can help you sort out the most cost-effective way to move out-of-state.

      My advice in these situations is very simple: “if you can live without it, move without it”. If there is no real sentimental value that is keeping you from selling your bunk-bed, then I think you should sell it. That way you can drive yourself in your vehicle, or take the bus or train option.

      If you still decide that you want to keep the bed, then you will want to look into either the smallest-sized moving truck, or a furniture shipping option like U-ship. Another way would be to rent a regular truck and fill-up the back with the bed and boxes. This will only work if you don’t have another vehicle you plan on taking though.

      Those are the absolute cheapest ways to move for the 2 situations you described above. Thanks for stopping and by and good luck on your move to Washington!

  • Hi David! I would like to get a quote regarding a move from Connecticut to Decatur, GA. I have boxes and storage bins worth of items about 1 bedroom or so. I don’t know where to start. I will box my things and I need to have them ship to a storage unit in GA until I arrive to GA to get them. Thank you for your advice in advance. Donna

    • Hi Donna,

      Thanks for choosing CheapMovingTips.com as your source for quality state-to-state moving advice! Since you only have boxes and storage bins, I am pretty sure you can have all of your items shipped to a storage company, and for a fee, they will stock everything up for you and hold it. I recommend contacting a few storage companies in Decatur and asking about their help policies in regards to safely packing your container for you without you being present. If they will do this, then you can either ship them through the mail with USPS, Fedex, or UPS, or you can choose a PODS company like U-Pack to drop your things off at the storage unit. Otherwise, you may want to get a full-service moving company to load and unload your items for you. They will do this for you if you sign a waiver agreeing to let them do this for you. You can obtain free quotes from out-of-state movers using the short form above. I hope you find the solution you need on your move down the coast to Georgia! Good luck!

  • I’m trying to fine a company that moving out of town….. Savannah Georgia….31419…. address 329 Linwood Rd….from……4129…island terrace court.


    Needs a price…..thanks…..text me 3143097173

    • Hi Ruth,

      Thanks for coming to CheapMovingTips.com to find the cheapest movers for your move! All you have to do to find the cheapest moving company is fill out the form up above on this page, or click here to get your free moving quotes. Simply fill out the short form with a few details about your move, and our system will do the rest! We will scan all of the movers in our system for the top 6 most qualified companies for the job. You will instantly receive free quotes from them to compare side-by-side and choose the best company for your situation. Good luck on your move!

  • I have done this three times. Buy a truck. Get a provisional to be moved to another state. Automatically insured for 30 days. Sell the truck at the new home. Twice for a profit and one time broke even. Even if one needs to take a loss, it will be much less than truck rental was.

    • Hi Mike,

      Wow now that is a way to cut down on moving costs that I haven’t heard before haha. I guess if you have the time and money to buy your own moving truck and hire someone to drive it from A to B, and then have a way of quickly selling it again, then that works. I don’t think this is the most time-efficient way of moving cheaply, but kudos to you sir!

  • David, I am moving back to Alaska from Reno, NV and have a dining room set w/8 chairs, 2 bookshelves, 8’x 4′ x13 1/2 ” in depth, a washer/dryer, 1 standard size refrigerator, 4- utility cupboards 6’x30″w, 25 ” in depth, and 3 large boxes of Miscellaneous personal items…what method of truck size do you think would be the best to use? Penske, Budget or Uhaul, mother in law attic size? I have not called any of the company’s as of yet, but saw you seem to like Budget the best…any tips or info are very much appreciated…Thank you and I have read most of the tips…I will be traveling thru Canada…any tips on that way?

    • Hi Patty,

      Thanks for choosing CheapMovingTips.com as your go-to resource for tips and advice on your move to Alaska! I am not completely up-to-speed on company policies crossing the Canadian border, so my apologies there. I would recommend contacting each of those companies and asking about their international policies. If they are all the same, and there is a drop-off near your new home in Alaska, then I would go with Budget. They are almost always the cheapest bet and they have a great infrastructure. U-haul is the most expensive of the 3. As far as truck size, I think you can get away with a 17′ footer but you may want to upgrade to a 20′ truck just to be safe. If you are driving through Canada, be ready for an inspection at the border. Also, make sure you allowed to cross into Canada legally. They have extremely strict passport policies up there, so if you have a DUI or any other criminal offense on your record, make sure to check with Canadian border control before making the drive to see if you can cross. Also, make sure you are prepared for the drive! There are a lot of mountains and steep terrain up North, so make sure you are comfortable driving on those roads with a heavy truck load! Make sure you map out your journey so that there will be plenty of gas stations along the way because those trucks burn through a lot of gas. I recommend stopping every time you get down to half a tank just to be safe. I hope this helps! Enjoy the ride and have a safe move to Alaska!

  • I need to get an estimate what it’s going to cost to move I live in Independence Kansas and I’m moving to Colorado Springs thank you

    • Hi Tatciana,

      Thanks for stopping by my site to find the cheapest long distance movers for your upcoming move to Colorado Springs! For your free moving quotes, simply fill out the short 60-second form on this page: Free Moving Quotes. As soon as you complete the form you will receive up to 6 free quotes from the most qualified companies directly to your e-mail or phone. Good luck with your move!

  • Thanks for sharing this informative post. This post was helpful for my friend who relocated recently. Your tips were really useful during that time. The costliest affair would have been shipping his vehicle, but as explained he went on searching for an affordable shipping company that could ship his car and found one. All in all, his moving across the country didn’t cost him much, thanks once again.

  • I would LOVE to get a quote however it tells me my email is invalid when it is Not! And will not let me proceed without one.

    • Hi Cynthia,

      I apologize for the inconvenience you’re facing. There are definitely some anti-spam features in place that try to weed out fake accounts based on a couple of factors. After looking at your e-mail address, my guess is that it is being filtered due to the lack of vowels and therefore is triggering the spam filter. Do you have another e-mail address you can use for this? If so try that. I hope this resolves any problems you are having. Good luck!

      – David

  • The most thoughtful and helpful tips I’ve found so far. This post is golden and by sharing it you help a lot of people. When I moved the first time I wish I had this article as my guide. This is why I’m bookmarking it now and sharing it on my fb wall. Thanks for existing and being awesome!

    • Thanks for the awesome feedback and shares Aashi!! It makes me happy to know people are finding my site helpful. I hope it helps you save money the next time you move!

  • Hi Dave – I’ve found most “moving tips” sites to be thinly disguised sales sites for specific movers, so I found your more objective approach really refreshing. What I need is some advice on how to find/choose reputable full-service movers at an economical price. I recently moved from central NJ to the Fort Lauderdale FL area to take a new job. I drove a U-Haul trailer with everything I’d need to get started, and now I need the rest of the stuff I left in NJ, which is sitting in a storage unit. I’ve done the “rent a truck and drive it yourself” approach (U-Haul and Penske), and the “you pack it and they ship it” thing (PODS, Old Dominion), but this time I’m too far away and too busy with work to get up to NJ and drive or pack. What I need is a company that will go to my storage unit (which I’ll have a friend open), pack my staff, drive it down to me in FL, and deliver it all directly into my apartment. I’ve got plenty of bins and boxes, but not much furniture, beyond a couple of shelving units, a couch, a mattress, and headboard/bed frame. I honestly don’t know how much space it all takes up (one BR apartment sized at most) or what it weighs. I’ve tried to describe the inventory to a couple of movers, and got one quote at just under $2k, and one for $5k. I’d like to pay $2k or under, and book with a trustworthy outfit. I know there are lots of movers who are used to moving people from the NY metro area down to FL for the winter “snowbird” season, so there are probably quite a few trucks making the trip. The challenge is in finding them. I gave my contact info to a couple of mover match-making services, and have been drowned in phone calls from fast-talking, want-to-be-your buddy salespeople from some sketchy seeming NY/NJ based movers, all of which miraculously have perfect 5 star ratings on Yelp. I’m overwhelmed, yet I need my stuff down here as soon as I can manage it without breaking the bank. Any thoughts? Thanks – Stu

    • Hi Stuart,

      Thanks for amazing feedback on my website! I am glad you found value in the content I provide here. Wow, it seems like you are all-too-familiar with the various state-to-state moving options.

      As far as finding a company to pack your storage unit in New York without you there and hauling it down to Florida, I would start with my “Free Out-Of-State Moving Quotes” service to find the 6 most qualified companies to move you. From there, you will need to compare the quotes and speak directly to the companies in your price range to make sure they can actually pack your storage without you there. This is definitely something that not all companies do for liability reasons.

      If you can’t find any long distance movers that meet your requirements, then I suggest looking on U-ship for any openings. I hope you find a moving company that works!

    • If you haven’t moved your stuff yet check out Estee. They were the cheapest for us. We are paying $2,300 for a 20 foot trailer from NJ to FL. Cheapest option I found so far.

    • If you find something, please post. We need to move a dining set from Princeton N.J to south Florida. We were going to fly up get a one way truck rental and make the drive back but are exploring all options. Interested in what you discover

  • Hi Dave
    My son is in the USAF, he would like to move his stuff from NY to Texas. It’s mostly stuff from his room, no furniture, clothes, a few rifles and miscellaneous stuff. It totals about 15 boxes, in your opinion what would be his best option to ship his stuff to a residence on base. I tried PODS but they don’t service the area he’s going to.
    Thanks for your help.

    • Hi Denise,

      If you want a shipping service, my recommendation is U-Pack. They are the same as PODS but have a larger service area. If they can’t service your move, then I’d recommend posting a listing on U-Ship to locate someone who can do the job. Thanks for coming here for advice on moving your son to Texas, good luck!

  • Good site David! IF I were to rent a van, would there be a quick way of checking and comparing the mileage charges of the companies?? Or negotiating them? I’m moving from Tampa to the Charlotte, NC area.

    • Hi Deborah,

      Thanks for coming to CheapMovingTips.com for your out-of-state moving advice and information. Most companies like U-haul & Budget are pretty transparent about their mileage charges per vehicle if you take a look at their websites. As far as negotiating them, that is something you will have to try out for yourself as I have never heard of anyone negotiating these set charges. I have heard of negotiating the rental charges and getting extras added at no cost such as a tow package, however, I don’t know about the mileage rates. Your best bet is to try. I would suggest taking the quote from the cheapest rental agency and presenting it to the other competitors to see if there is anything they can do to beat the price. Many times, they will do some “checking” and find out that they can indeed beat their competitor’s quote. Sometimes they will find some “magic” coupon code or discount that they completely forgot about that they can enter and drop the rate by 10-20%. I encourage you to haggle and seek out the best price possible!

      Good luck on your move to Charlotte, NC!

  • I used a freight company. They dropped off the semi trailer. I boxed and loaded. Then they seal off the load with the load with plywood. They then would put other load(s) on after and drop it off at my new home. They will not put any toxic materials in the other moves and it went smoothly for me. Two days to pack, two to unpack. It is kind of the way PODs works, but I think cheaper, and a larger container. You can arrange for “storage” at your new place, I didn’t have to.

    • Thank you for taking the time to comment and share your experience with me and all of visitors to this site! Freight companies are like the large van lines response to being undercut by the new wave of “you load, we drive” movers. Since they have those huge containers, much larger than PODS/storage containers, they found that they can double or triple the households per container, and save everyone money by splitting the costs 2 or 3 ways. This only works when the companies have multiple households or loads that are all going the same direction at similiar times, however this is very common in larger cities and densely populated states. It is definitely a way you can end up saving a ton of money over the cost of having a dedicated moving truck. Most households fall quite short of filling one of those up by themselves!

      My “Free Moving Quote Comparison Tool” scans for both dedicated moving companies and van lines as well as freight services to find you the cheapest deals on hiring movers. For anyone reading your comment and wanting to know how to find these services, simply fill out the short form accurately and our system here at CheapMovingTips.com will take care of the rest! Thanks again for the valuable input!

  • my wife just passed away.Thinking about moving back to vegas from greenwood in.I would like to sell my home in late summer and then to a trip to Washington st.Then travel down the coast stopping and seeing friends.take about six weeks of traveling before I get to vegas.Might buy something before getting to vegas but don’t think so,Moved lots of time since I was a chef.so what do you think is the best way to store then move when when I find were i’m going to buy

    • Hi David,

      Sorry to hear about your wife. From my experience, traveling along the Pacific coast is unbelievably positive and uplifting so I hope it is the same for you! As far as storage goes, long distance moving companies offer storage options. If you are planning on moving yourself, then once you fill up your moving truck or moving container in Indiana, you will know the size needed for storage. Call ahead to various storage facilities in Las Vegas and get pricing on the size you will need and shop around for the best price. This is all assuming of course that you are planning on moving your stuff before your trip along the Pacific. If you plan to travel first and then go back to Indiana for your stuff, you will need to find a local storage company there.

      I hope this helps you on your west coast travels and long distance move to Las Vegas!

  • I’m helping my daughter and moving to items from her apartment in Signal Mountain, TN (just above Chattanooga) to Macon, GA. UHaul says $19.95 per day, but fail to put in larger print it’s .79 per mile. This trip would be about 208 miles one way. I was hoping to simply add these two items to a truck already moving someone’s items, to get a good price. Please let me know if you have any suggestions. Thank you.

    • Hi Denise,

      Thanks for stopping by my site with your out-of-state moving question. Yeah, that $0.79/mile part definitely changes the price from $20 haha. And that price still isn’t taking the gas into consideration. Your best bet for moving 2 large furniture items would be to list them on U-Ship.com. They offer a service where you can list your bed and clock and get matched with people or companies willing to move it. All prices are negotiable between you and the prospected movers. Good luck helping your daughter on her move to Georgia!

  • Hi David – great article, thank you! I am married with 3 kids and moving from NY to Dallas. My wife is traveling separately, so I was hoping to do a fun cross-country road trip with my kids in a moving truck. Problem is, it appears that no rental trucks allow for 4 passengers. Do you know of any that do seat 4? Are there any possible workarounds?

    • Hi Matt,

      Thanks for coming by my site for tips for your cross-country move! Unfortunately, I am unaware of any moving trucks that have more than 3 seats. Honestly, I consider that 3rd seat to be more of a “1/2 seat” that would be pretty uncomfortable for anyone besides a small child. I think your best bet would be to drive your vehicle (assuming you have one) along with the truck. You could either put your 3 children in the car or split them 2/1 per vehicle. You can switch up seating options at each stop so you and your wife can get more personal time with each of them which could be a great bonding experience in itself. I hope this helps!

      Good luck on your long move from NY to TX!

  • Hi David I am new at this I need help and we don’t have that much money to get us and my wife and child and a pet to move from Florida to Martin Indiana We have a old tv it
    39″ in its the standard size and also we have a king size pillow bed and a futon couple of tables just folds up and a kids bed a small bed and also two night stands and the rest is boxed up stuff like clothes and dishwares that we need and my wife has two bags of stuff animals and also plastic containers that we use our clothes as our drawers then dressers do you guys have any advice to help us move I am so stressed out from this I don’t have family to help me move my stuff and the manager is out to just kick us out though our lease is paid in full but my wife has asthma and my child he been getting sick from the lady down stairs smoking we been here almost two yrs and we can’t nobody to help us out to move we got a house just a couple of things to close it for us to move out of Florida do you have in suggestions to help I and my family out so we don’t get put out on the street were also on a fixed income we get payed once a month.

    • Hi Michael,

      Thanks for stopping by by site for advice on the cheapest way to move your family out of Florida. Based on what I’ve got from you it sounds liked your backed into a hard-place and need advice. This is going to go a little beyond that though.

      First of all, you’ve got to figure out your budget. How much money do you have right now and when do you have to be out? If you have some time and can smooth things out with your manager to buy yourself enough time to save up it will help. It sounds like you need to get your family out ASAP though because the environment is toxic. This is where your priorities come in. What is more important right now. Getting your family out and under another roof? Saving enough money so you can move all your things? Do you have a place in Indiana already lined up? If so my advice would be to take as much clothes, toiletries, necessities, etc as possible and get your family some Greyhound tickets and go. Things like TVs, mattresses, etc are easy to replace but a healthy environment is so much more important. Get there as fast as possible and then start to figure things out.

      Good luck on your move!

  • Great article! We moved from South Carolina to Iowa 2 years ago. We downsized and still spent over $6k with a large moving company. It was a horrible experience (delayed delivery/broken items…etc). In a month we are moving back to SC from IA and have decided to do it ourselves. We’ve downsized some more (very little furniture), but really don’t want to sacrifice our gunsafe, hottub and lawnmower. What options do we have to move these large /heavy items? Most rental trucks do not have a lift available for long distances!

    • Hi Melissa,

      Thanks for stopping by the site! It sounds like you’ve got a few “specialty” items to move. Those are definitely hard to move with rentals, The lawnmower(riding I’m assuming) and gun safe could be moved, however, the hot tub would be hard. Luckily there is a great service that I touched on in the article called U-Ship. They have specialty moving services where you can arrange each item or all of them to be moved and negotiate the pricing. I think this would be a great fit for your situation.

      Good luck moving back to South Carolina!

  • Hi. I’m trying to help my mother move from FL to AZ to be closer to her grandkids. She’s moving into a furnished small studio and will not be taking any furniture except for 2 lamps. She’ll be taking about 7 boxes of clothes and toiletries and a framed 3×5 feet picture that she bought with my late father for their wedding anniversary.No cars, no other furniture. What would be our best choice for moving?

    • Hi BP,

      Thanks for stopping by the site before choosing how to move your mother across the country. Since she will be moving so light, you really should look into the Amtrak option or the Greyhound option if you aren’t planning to go out and help her move. Contact both by phone and ask their exact weight limits. You can take everything down to weigh anytime, and if anything is over the limit you can always ship it. They are usually pretty good about working with you so definitely give them a call.

      If you are planning to go out there to help, or if she’s up for a drive, renting a simple pick-up truck or SUV that can fit everything inside could be a good option. This might be a little more expensive but it could make for a great cross-country road-trip, bonding experience, memories for life, etc. It’s all up to you and your budget but you’ve got some options.

      Good luck with your mother’s move from Florida to Arizona!

  • Hello David,

    My finance and I moved from the bay area to Denver about three years ago via Penske truck and it cost around $1200 with gas. We are now (May, June-ish) moving back and will be moving into a small one bedroom apartment, but this time we have 2 cars, a Subaru outback and a VW Tiguan (crossover SUV.) I was thinking that we could pack the cars to the brim, caravan down and use a portable shipping container for the rest. Unfortunately most pod type quotes are above $1200. should i look at different ways to move the car or is thems the breaks?

    • Hi Ben,

      Thanks for stopping by before your move to Denver! Summer pricing is definitely higher for all moving services in general so that’s probably why you couldn’t find cheaper POD pricing. My recommendation for the cheapest way to move would be to rent a budget truck and add a vehicle tow package. You would drive the truck and pull one of your vehicles while your fiance drives the other. If you start looking at vehicle shipping options it will be pricey. The other option is to have some family or friends drive along with you and fly back. The vehicle tow package might sound complicated but its actually very easy and they will walk you through it all at the pickup location.

      I live in Denver and I just want you to know to be careful driving the mountains with a full load, take your time and watch for animals and ice. Good luck on your move out of the bay!

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