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Preparation Tips

15 Tips To Plan, Prepare, And Pack For A Move

You have finally bit the bullet! As the SOLD sign is willingly pegged into the ground, and the freshly signed ink on the dotted line dries; the realization that you bought a new home begins to sink in.Among the plethora of questions running through your head, you stop in your tracks and remember that all of them come secondary. First, you need to focus on packing and moving.

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Money Saving Tips

Tip: Get Free Boxes For Moving

If you are really on a tight budget and need to save every dollar possible, there are some great ways to get free boxes for you move. Buying boxes for your move isn’t cheap, especially at places like U-haul. The bill alone for buying new boxes to box up your belongings can easily range from $20-50 depending on how many you need.

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